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Peekaboo Lace

Carine Roitfeld said, “We are very lucky to be women, so even if we’re wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra – I like that”. These days however, the cheeky lace bra doesn’t stay in the background, no. You will see it peeking through a sheer blouse, a loose tank top, or a shirt’s cleavage. The peekaboo lace has been spreading like wildfire within the blogosphere, and for good reason. You don’t see it yet? Let’s try something together shall we?

What instantly dresses up a basic look for an evening out? – Some peekaboo lace. 
What immediately feminizes an overly boyish ‘fit? – Some peekaboo lace.
What probably is in your closet or your wish list anyway? – Lace underwear, begging to play peekaboo.