Peep Toe

posted 09-03-2015 category TRENDS

The peep toe shoe is a trend that may scare some of us. I mean think about it; it’s winter- all you want is to lock up those feet but fashion says “hell no honey, show them feet”. And since fashion is always right and has the best interest for us all it end up being perfectly adequate. Indeed cold ain’t a problem in those. Anyways they truly are stylish and add a sophisticated touch to your outfit.





  • Dressed With Soul

    Although I have to admit that this peep toe trend in the chilly and cold Bavaria is really a challenge I like this trend and your selection, too :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Diami Diallo

      Thank you very much :)

  • mybeautrip .com

    In love with this peep toes… they are gorgeous!


  • They look super fine, but no way in .. I am going to wear these in -12 celcius!|EliseOlsen

    • Diami Diallo

      Ahah I think they are worth a try don’t you think?

      • Hahaha, it’s true. I’m still a little skeptical/on the fence when it comes to this trend. I think it works when the boot is a little more open/sandal-like, but when it’s a true covered-up boot – something about it just seems weird. It’s like those chunky chunky sweaters that are short sleeve! I’m like, what?! How do I wear that?! Haha. The Proenza ones are gorgeous, though. Okay… maybe worth a try. Hahahahahah.

  • Woooow! Nice skirt! :D

    love, Turn it inside out