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Personal Style Evolution

OSLO – I currently live in the capital of Norway, Oslo, but I grew up in a smaller town called Haugesund. In Oslo, fashion means expressing yourself, and  showing others your unique style. People are very into fashion and beauty here. By just walking down the shopping streets, you’ll gain a lot of inspiration to dress yourself up. When I moved to Oslo, I really got to evolve my personal style and my view on fashion. Fashion to me, is a creative way to find my own identity and creating the person I would like to be, and at the same time having fun experimenting with it.

I started blogging the summer of 2012. At that point, I realized that I had too much I wanted to show people, and I needed a medium to help me do that. In addition to being very interested in fashion, as a skin care professional, my focus was also on beauty in general from the very beginning. I started giving away my tips and tricks about skin care,  make-up and hair. So, besides outfit and fashion posting, I also gladly blog about these other aspects.

Although my blogging career has only lasted for a few months, I have already gotten some great acknowledgement, which is encouraging for my continuation as a fashion blogger. I am currently nominated as “Newcomer of the year” at Vixen Blog Awards in Norway, which I think is really exciting.

My plans for the future are to keep blogging, keep getting better, evolving my personal style and build HeidiChic into something big. I think it is very  important to have dreams, so that you have something to reach for that you believe in. I’m sure that will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Heidi – Heidichic

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