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Peruvian girl in Europe

HAMBURG – I currently live in the harbor city of Germany, Hamburg, but I haven’t lived all my life in Germany. I’m originally from Lima, the capital of Peru. It really is a beautiful city and it has much to offer. The weather is great, the people are so nice (and it seems like they’re happy any second of the day), and the food is delicious!

Now the question is; why did I then moved to Hamburg? Well people… I fell in love with my boyfriend! And the love was so big that I decided to leave all that beautiful things that I had in Lima, like my family and friends, and started a new adventure in the second largest city of Germany!

Everything was new for me, and I honestly must say.. the beginning wasn’t easy for me. The German culture is very different from what I used to know. However, there were also many things that fascinated me from the beginning. Can you imagine what? Yes! THE FASHION! It was exactly like I had imagined it here in Europe.

From the day I moved to Germany, my passion for fashion grew every single day since. And it’s still growing today. Therefore I would love to work in the fashion industry one day. I could imagine myself walking from one fashion show to another one, somewhere around the world, in a great city, during the international fashion weeks. The first step I took to reach this dream, was starting a blog about my personal style last year. I love writing about fashion and I also love taking beautiful photographs. Fashion and photography inspire me every day. And wouldn’t it be awesome to inspire the girls reading my blog? That’s the goal I would like to pursue by blogging about my style. However, my ultimate goal is being an influenceable fashion blogger one day and, of course, to get closer to the fashion world!

Fiorella – Fashionrella