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Popular Royal Jewellery From Over The Years

There have been many different famous of pieces of popular royal jewellery of the years, this infographic will take you through some of our absolute favourites. Firstly, in the wonderful list is Princess Diana’s emerald choker, this is a very iconic piece, compromised of rich green emeralds and dazzling old cut diamonds, the origin of this spectacular jewel is somewhat of a mystery. Over centuries theBritish Royal family has accumulated an extensive collection includes the largest diamond ever unearthed. If you are interested with jewellery included in this infographic take a look at some of the antique jewellery from Berganza, they have a stunning collection. Another iconic piece of jewellery is the Coronation ring. Coronation rings have been used since the 10th century and symbolise faith and appointment. Please take a look at the infographic for some more great examples of Royal jewellery.


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photo by Margo & Me