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Post Travel Thoughts

LOS ANGELES – Five years ago, I promised my Swedish boyfriend, Marcus, whom willingly moved to Los Angeles to be with me, that we would travel back to Sweden as much as possible to see his friends and family. The trip to Sweden no longer seems like a vacation to me, but instead like I am returning home.

Now, what does this have to do with fashion? Personally, this insight I’ve gained from travel goes hand in hand with my love for fashion. Originally, I started my blog to document my travels. When I started documenting what I was wearing along with where I was traveling, it felt as though a light had finally been switched on and I could finally share what I was passionate about. It just made sense. Years from now, I’ll have a digital diary of where I was, what I was wearing, and how I felt at that particular moment. It’s a beautiful thing. Today, my blog focuses on my personal style and my semi-annual trips to Europe.

Thankfully, all of this traveling not only led me to the blogosphere, but I like to think that it led me to a better version of myself. During this time I’ve survived many Euro-trips, drunken nights, strange customs, awesome food, learning a new language, and much more. Each trip to Sweden leaves me happier than I was when I left; my appreciation for the people and opportunities I’ve had is magnified exponentially. I know this may sound ridiculous, considering the city I’m from is essentially a breeding ground for inspiration, but it’s easy to get trapped into the typical blogger trends here in Los Angeles.

Frequent visits to Europe has given me a greater insight to the immensity of our world and how much there is to see. I have gained a type of knowledge most people will never experience; a type of knowledge one simply cannot achieve through textbooks. Traveling has also given me a better connection with my home. I find myself falling into an uninspired pit every so often where I catch myself imitating other bloggers instead of celebrating my own taste. Each time I return to Los Angeles, I see it in a different light which undoubtedly refreshes my creativity. Whether we realize it or not, Los Angeles natives are lucky to live in a city with so much to offer. There’s no other place with so much diversity and with so much to see.

Fashion is a part of who I am, as is being in Sweden. Now that I am finally able to put all of this in writing, I’m glad I can share my experiences with all of you. Through my blogging years, I’ve found that it’s simple to lose one’s unique sense of style and identity due to the tremendous amount of bloggers. Traveling has made me more aware of how I want to live my life, which in turn, makes me proud of how my style defines me. Dressing for yourself is more important than any of the fleeting trends that fashion bloggers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Finding one’s identity can come about in many different ways; for me, I found my uniqueness and my style through my travels. Creativity is essential. So if you’re ever feeling like something is missing, buy that ticket and find yourself again.

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