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Scandinavian NYC

COPENHAGEN – A genuine place, consisting of aged streets and ancient houses filled with fashion-minded individuals. There are no limits for a person’s style and everyone could just fully be himself. Talking about Copenhagen; there’s no such thing as mainstream.. even though, unnoticeable, there is.

When walking down the streets not only do you see a lot of different personal styles, but also innovative ideas and a lot of busy people. The city has suddenly turned out to be a very personal and different city, where there’s almost no such thing as mainstream. At the small and short main street of Copenhagen, there aren’t just two H&M stores.. not even three.. but four editions of the same store. And even though we all build our wardrobe from these stores, none of us looks the same. Copenhagen gives the word mainstream a new interpretation. There are people in their $10-dollar H&M sweater looking edgy and different to the same girl wearing it with platform heels and a Chanel bag. And that’s the reason why there’s no such thing as mainstream here. Even I buy almost all my clothes at H&M, and I think of myself as a woman with a personal style who stands out in the crowd. W

We, Copenhagian people, have this kind of “NYC-rush” in our city. Everybody is so busy walking – almost running – to his or hers to-do’s. We have Baresso’s (the Danish answer to Starbucks) popping up on every corner. The only different is – we don’t take cabs because it’s way too expensive. I guess Copenhagen is the Scandinavian-New York City; where I love the atmosphere. I have a really big love-hate relationship to the fact that suddenly, every girl has style and every girl is the owner of a fashion blog.. We are growing high!

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