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Scarf: A Multifaceted Piece

The scarf is an accessory that suffered several changes over the past several decades. Human needs gave shape to these various alterations, in order to construct a path where the scarf represents a trend that defines styles and social status.

Our desirable fashion item can vary between different accessories: shoes, jewellery, totes, perfumes and, especially, scarves. Who would’ve thought centuries ago that the element used to clean human sweat in Ancient Rome would transform into luxury piece.

Since its creation women used the scarves as a fashion accessory. Their materials covered silk, linen and cashmere. Their functionalities started to fluctuate in 220 BC with the Chinese Empire. This was the time when the scarves determined the range of each Chinese soldier. In the 17th century Croatian soldiers were differentiated from the officers by using cotton scarves, while their superiors wore a silk scarf. Croatian used of this accessory gave birth to what we know today as ties.

Scarves as a trend for both men and women were imposed in the 19th century. Historically, scarves in all their shapes and materials played a fundamental role in ethnical and religious practices, in oriental cultures as clothes while in American ones as an item needed in dances and rituals. Cashmere pashminas, originally from Himalayan, Pakistani and Nepalese indigenous people, became a luxury product manufactured by the most important fashion houses.

Internationally, the most recognized designer brands have stated as a trend their own iconic prints in silk scarves, turning them into desirable accessories every fashion lover wants. The most common name that automatically appears in our minds is Hermès that, since 1937, creates a gigantic and wide collection of scarves.

During the 15th century French marines discovered in the Middle East that farmers protected their heads with linen cloths. This is the reason why integrated the scarves over the heads as an accessory for both genders. Scarves became part of the fashionable aristocracy, whom dictated trends.

Nowadays scarves are used as an accessory in every single way, shape and material, as it happens with every other fashion item. Street style and bloggers reflect the diverse and multiple ways we can include scarves to our outfits: over the head, tied to your neck, ankle, and wrist, as a bracelet or ever as a belt. Unique and versatile, scarves are not only unisex, but also mixable with any trend and, depending on their fabrics, in any season. Scarves can be the last touch that defines your style and social status.


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