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Seaside Kind of Girl

BREST – I am and will always be a seaside kind of girl. I love listening to the sound of the waves, I love blues, days by the sea and evenings on the beach, I love how calming the ocean is and how fresh the air feels over there. That’s what made me go to Brest, on the north-west part of France.

I think my love affair with the ocean come from my childhood holidays spent sailing around the islands of french brittany, traveling the sea with salted skin and pontoon’s friends. I remember our days on the ocean, seeing nobody but jellyfishes, dancing on dad’s boat with my dog, and turquoise water around us.

I have been living in Brest for three years now and it’s my last moments on our very first appartement, in the center of the city. What I will miss for sure is the stunning coastline and our days near the ocean, however we are already planning on living in an other city by the sea.

Brest is also the city where I started my blog a year and a half ago, when I realized I needed something else in my life, to express my feelings, my creativity and find a way to inspire and get inspired myself. Stripes and Blues has been created in that optic, firstly a way to keep me awake, to make me happy even if my life wasn’t all day everyday what I’ve wanted it to be, and then to create fashion related content showing brands and styles I love, an online journal of my journey here and a reminder of today for tomorrow. Stripes and Blues expresses my style and my style is, – well guessed – mostly inspired by seaside cities.

I love everything blue, I like simplicity with a touch of color, bright red, orange and pink, I like to put gold or silver details in my usual black/white or grey outfits, I love midi skirts, jeans jackets and would love to be one day a Chloé girl. I would say my style is French but with something fresher in the end. I take inspiration from cities I have travelled to – I love the aesthetic of Milan – and from anything art-related, books, paintings, movies, music and nature (from countryside landscapes to sunsets over the ocean). If you like personal stories and girls dancing in bright orange red dresses, then you will definitely love Stripes and Blues!

Morgan – Stripes and Blues


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