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Shinola Detroit

We got introduced with Shinola Detroit a while ago, and got hooked up with their high quality and stylish products. They are mostly specializing in watches, leather goods and bicycles. While scrolling through the website, the quality of this brand becomes clear immediately. There is nothing better like products made with special care, right? We would love to show you some of our Shinola obsessions. Beaware you might take over our addiction.

Our biggest obsession are Shinola’s bicycles. Cycling is hot. More and more bicycles and cycle paths are popping up in cities all over the world. Being fashionable on a stylish bicycle is a must. We love this pink women’s bixby. How cool is this beach crusher with an edgy retro look? The rose gold details are making the bicycle incredibly stylish. Can you imagine yourself cycling through the city while wearing your newly shopped outfit?



We are in love with Shinola’s handmade watches, such as The Runwell in rose gold as seen below. The timepieces are perfectly classic. Have you noticed that fashion bloggers are all over classic watches lately? The time of plastic and large-sized watches is over, and we love the trend of classic watches. How beautiful are these sophisticated timepieces?



For a closer look and more watches, check out this page.

Other products which are highly interesting us, are the leather goods.  We can state by now that leather is timeless. Who doesn’t love leather pieces anyway? The Mini Backpack shown below is perfect for the minimalists out here. Style it for example with your all white outfit!


Check out more of Shinola’s handcrafted products on their website www.shinola.co.uk.