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Simple yet Sophisticated

ALESUND – Who would have thought that I would end up in Norway? My name is Monika and I was born in Poland, lived in England for nine years of my life, followed by Paris. Now I find myself in Alesund, and there is no place I would rather be. It inspires me so much. The mountains, the snow… It is just heaven, believe me.

What I love about the style here is that everything is polished. Girls with perfectly straight snow white hair. Beautifully nude manicure and pearl earrings. Their outfits, simple yet sophisticated. It seems like, the purity of the air influences the style too. Clean lines.

I am excited how being here will change my style. When I was in Paris I wore blazers and heels. When in London, sneakers and jeans. In Warsaw, the style is more hipster like. Although, I don’t think I am hipster at heart.

I founded my fashion blog about three years ago. At the beginning I didn’t tell anyone about it. I was so scared. Scared that people would think I was vain or else. For me, it was something more than that. I always felt like I was not creative enough to inspire. I thought, this person is better, ohh and this one is cooler. Well, I decided to stop putting myself down and run with my creativity because that is what I love doing. Fashion for me is breaking the rules, reinventing myself, pushing my creativity and having an awesome time with it.

Since I started blogging, a lot has changed. I married the best guy on earth a.k.a Maciej. He loved photography before our wedding, so right after, he quickly became my photographer and creative director. I am lucky like that 😉 When I started, my blog was more of a hobby whereas now I blog full-time and put my heart and soul into inspiring my readers. My favorite thing about the StyleVenture is that I don’t necessarily have to be minimalistic, nor vintage. I can wear leather pants and then a floaty floral dress. There are no rules.

I hope you will join me on my adventures on my blog and check out my introduction video here. I will also show Norway a lot!

Monika – The Style Venture