Stan Smith

posted 09-30-2014 category TRENDS

We must accept it already! Either we like it or not the 90’s are back. The last couple of months, we’ve seen mom jeans, patchwork, multicolour and metallic clothes on the streets and runways. But, the craziest thing of all is the revival of the sporty look. Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, and even Raf Simons included some sort of sneakers in their last collections. This time, we are going to focus all of our taste in analyzing the iconic Adidas’ shoes: the Stan Smith.

Around 1963 in the US, Adidas creates a new kind of sneakers. What is the particular thing about them? They are made especially for tennis players. The mind behind this fantastic invention and his father (Adidas’ owner) decided to name these shoes after the professional tennis player Robert Haillet. After, Haillet retired from tennis, they needed to find another representative figure for their shoes. This is when Stan Smith, the mythical nº 1 tennis player became the name and image of the historically famous sneakers (1978).

Nowadays, and perhaps since forever, fashion reflects social, religious, economical, political and ideological contexts. Remember that even the Egyptians used accessories in order to approach to gods. Luxury meant power and divinity. Things may have changed, but the streets, our clothes, music choices, and the designers we admire uncover our moods and thoughts.

Socially, I still can’t find an explanation for the comeback of sporty looks. Maybe is comfort and freedom, or maybe is apathy and resignation. The particular issue is that sneakers are back, and not only the running shoes or the fashionable Converse. Stan Smith changed the tennis world. Why can’t we wear the Adidas’ Stan Smith and change the fashion world?







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