Turtleneck Sweaters

Aren’t we longing for warm and cosy oversized sweaters with the winter coming up? Turtleneck sweaters couldn’t give you a more comfortable feeling. It’s the bigger, the better this season. Taking a good example of the ones of Angelica and Sara.


“A tomboy is a girl who behaves according to the gender role of a boy” says Wikipedia. The term ‘tomboyish’ has been used widely in fashion to clarify a certain masculine style. We have all seen the tomboy sweaters by now. Here is a nice selection of bloggers wearing them.

Checked Sweaters

If you have seen enough of plaid prints on the blogs, we like to bother you a little more with these checked sweaters (although we can’t imagine these actually will annoy you in any kind of way). How could this print look so classic, but at the same time so punk too?

Neon-yellow Sweater

Many fashion bloggers seem to suffer from a neon kick. We have seen the brightest colors in their shoes, bags and other accessories. Here, we show you the best outfits with the yellow-neon sweater. Our favorites are the fluffy ones, which you can get at Acne and H&M Trend.