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The Difference

LONDON – I’m a girl born in the 90’s and I currently live in London, but I’m originally from a small town near Göteborg, Sweden. It was a huge difference moving from one city to the other one, both the population and the clothing range. And that’s exactly what I love about it – the difference. Since my parents do live in Sweden, and my boyfriend lives in London; I can sort of choose the country that’s the best for this period of my life. And to be honest, some days I get tired of the crowded London. But apart from all the people and the noise on the streets, I love the supply clothes in London! There’s always a thing to be found to hang in your closet, something that nearly nobody wears in countries like Sweden. And yes, I like to wear clothes that no one else has. However, I’m too lazy for second hand stores – although I know that you really can pick up some great bargains there!

I work as a model in Sweden, England and Denmark, and to keep up with both work and school, I’m studying on distance from a school in Kalmar, Sweden. I study social science! On my spare time, I sketch and design my own clothes. And I dream to start my own clothing brand, and spread it out all over the world. Imagine having a name that matters in the fashion industry? My favorite clothing brands at the moment are Acne, Filippa K, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent and Balmain and I get to most inspiration from these brands.

I’ve been to many countries in Europe, and my all-time favorite is Italy. The beautiful shoe! But my dream is to travel all the way to Texas, USA. And maybe even a trip to Hawaii while I’m near? One of my goals in life is to go to all continents on our planet. I certainly can imagine to settle down in many of them too, before I find my proper place to raise a family on.

My blog is mostly about fashion, it both contains personal outfits and other things I get inspired by. It’s also about me modeling, traveling, training and other everyday-objects though. I started it October 2011, and I’ve developed a lot – and I’m hoping I’ll continue to develop, and become even more fashion conscious. I’m also aiming for more photography skills to deliver beautiful pictures of my outfits and ambient.

Isabella Lööf