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The Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Autumn Weddings

Autumn can be the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding reception. The leaves are at their most beautiful and the landscape offers more of its beauty. You can easily turn an autumn day into a beautiful, vibrant and romantic wedding day.

There are a number of things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding in autumn. To have a truly magical day, you need to follow these do’s and don’ts. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Do: Pay Close Attention to Details

Planning an outdoor wedding is a challenge on its own. Planning one in autumn is even more so. To tackle the challenge and have a beautiful autumn wedding outdoors, you need to pay close attention to details. This includes everything from choosing the right type of wedding tent for the season to selecting a colour scheme.

As mentioned earlier, autumn colours are very vibrant and warm. You need to plan your wedding around these tones. Not only will you be adding a warm accent to the day, you can also make the outdoor setting more memorable with a well-thought-out set of details for your guests to admire.


Don’t: Ignore the Autumn Weather

Some autumn days can be very cold. Although there is no way to accurately predict the weather on the specific date you have selected – especially when you’re still months away from the actual wedding day – there are ways you can prepare for it.

For starters, choosing a venue that has the right mixture of dirt will help a lot. Websites such as ukweddingsavings.co.uk have a lot of information on the best venues for outdoor autumn weddings. You can even find great deals that will make your wedding day that much more affordable.

Don’t forget to have contingency plans as well. You need to know exactly what to do should the day, or the weather in particular, not go as planned. Some venues have indoor reception areas you can move to, making them perfect for autumn weddings. If not, you’ll need some form of contingency plan.

Do: Stay In-Season and Mix It Up

When it comes to playing to the colours of autumn, there are a lot of things you can do. The natural colours and textures offered by the season work really well with other colours. You can, for instance, have an all-white outdoor wedding, with the gorgeous autumn landscape in the background. You can also add deeper, richer colours to the scheme.

What you also need to do when planning an autumn wedding is to stay in season. An outdoor wedding can be quite expensive when you start using off-season flowers and other wedding elements. This isn’t the route you have to take at all. In fact, autumn wedding flowers are beautiful. The same goes for your choice of dishes and desserts.

With careful planning, your outdoor autumn wedding will be perfect. The season offers fantastic colours and great sceneries that compliment an outdoor wedding. After all, a wedding day is special. Having it in autumn, with a gorgeous landscape and perfect weather and sharing it with close friends and family will make the special day unforgettable.


written by Esther Hoogenstijn, photo by Sophia Molen