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SEATTLE – When you think of fashionable American cities, many come to mind…New York, Chicago, Miami Beach, L.A., Dallas…but…Seattle? Notsomuch. Between the soggy climate, the sandals-with-socks look, and still-persistent the grunge image, Seattle is far down on the list of style spots. Perched in the upper-Northwestern corner, my city is far from huge, but certainly not small.

Seattle is known for amazing scenery & views, a plethora of bodies of water & mountains, tons of outdoor activities, a booming tech industry, and surprisingly, the while being known for rain and grey skies, has the highest per-capita sunglass sales of anywhere in the U.S. Go figure!

I’m fortunate enough to be a native, and while I did move away for college and a job in my 20’s, I’m back here, all settled in with the gloomy skies, my big city fashion sensibility, and my suburban family.

My style blog is a destination for those who need a little direction and/or inspiration to pull it all together and just make the best of themselves. I’m generally older & have worked in the fashion industry longer than most fashion bloggers, but I value their perspective so very much. I love to watch the gals in L.A. wearing 4″ heels for day, or in NYC sporting thigh-high boots with a generic sweatshirt. I started my blog as an outlet for all the creative juices I have flowing, hoping to inspire others in their 30’s and beyond. Living in the Northwest provides few fashion icons, save for our hometown hero store, Nordstrom. I live in a community of run-around moms who (fashionable or not) tend to live in yoga wear and splurge on Lululemon pants rather than designer duds. It’s just the way it is. I go run errands, and I’m typically the most “dressed”, often times only because I have a heel on my shoe or eye makeup and lipstick.

One of the best “gifts” a mom can give herself is to make herself feel important and beautiful for who she is, not what she does. Trying to show women how to glam up basic jeans and t-shirts is one of my favorites. I also love to show off day dresses with super casual shoes. You don’t need an “occasion” to wear a skirt, statement necklace, or red lipstick! I believe this theory proves true in any small or mid-size city, U.S. or abroad. I do buy most of my clothes locally, but love how I can find anything at any hour online.

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