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Third Time’s The Charm

SANTA CLARITA —You could say I was born and raised in a bubble. A decent place to be trapped what with a frozen yogurt shop at every corner and a fully equipped shopping mall (for bargain hunters and big spenders alike). What more does a girl need, right? Oh, so wrong. With small towns come big dreams, and in this town it seems every twenty something has the same one, myself included.

If the sky is any consolation then millions of stars can reside in the same space. But, how many will rise and shine from one tiny city? I personally know two famous fashion bloggers; we went to the same high school. I’ve even been in their homes for goodness sake (although, not in their closets unfortunately). They’ve been on the scene shining in the spotlight for years and, true, I just started my own personal style site last week, but I can’t help but wonder—is three a crowd?

My style is a spitting image of my city: safe, charming, relatable, familiar. So close, yet so far from the wild, flirty, risky, different and bold taste of Los Angeles. I’m only 30 miles (well, more like 30,000 followers) away from fame, fortune, and the elite of high fashion. So, what’s stopping me? Fans, I guess (or maybe that forever long traffic). Or maybe my fashion sense is stunted. Can girls in Forever 21 skirts and Marshall’s finds ever mingle with the best-dressed cyber celebrities high in the clouds?

My head is already there day dreaming of fashion week and designer collaborations. But, who’s to say if I ever reach star style status? And, more importantly, continuously hover above the rest, keeping my spot amongst my similar top, twinkling typers? Santa Clarita is full of potential as am I, but is it full of possibilities and opportunities? Or will wishing be the closest thing I have in terms of the word “star”?

Am I stuck in a sealed city where I can reach and never break through the invisible ceiling encircling us all? Santa Clarita could never be Los Angeles, it isn’t even trying to be and in the grand scheme of things, neither am I. I don’t think I could pull it off. But, I like to think third time’s the charm. I like to think I’m sparkling with the best of them; I just haven’t been spotted yet. I like to think I can rise overnight and never fall or fade.

Megan – My Other Closet Is Couture