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Tips on How to Dress Your Little Lads

I find that dressing little girls is easier, because they can look cute in anything really, as long as you ensure what you’re dressing them in is suitable, unlike that weird craze a few years ago when little girls were wearing ‘Juicy’ joggers, which is just wrong. Little boys on the one had are very easy to dress, however they can be very difficult to make them look stylish. Of course, as children, they don’t really care whether they’re stylish or not, however it’s always nice to dress up little kids for weddings or birthday parties and adults always get a kick out of stylish kids – just look at all the coverage celebrity kids receive.















Old Man
Dressing little boys as old men is just hilarious … but weirdly stylish. Getting a nice fleece cardigan and a bow tie is the perfect blend of adorable and stylish. Juxtaposition always works well and it’s this mix of old and new that makes your little man look the proper gentleman.

Little Accessories
I’ve already mentioned the bowties, but there’s no end to the cute little accessories you can deck your kid out with, from little shirt cufflinks, to digital watches, and even little fedoras. These things are really fun to shop for and you’ll probably be stopped in the street as people go all gooey-eyed over him.

Formal Wear
When it comes to weddings and birthdays, etc, the best way to dress your little man is to dress him up like his daddy. Matching outfits are, quite possibly, the pinnacle of cuteness. Formaltailor.com even had a boys section where you can try to mix and match his outfit with his dad’s, meaning there’s double the trouble.

What They Want
If your child is getting a bit older, he might want to be making his own choices, usually in the form of the Batman t-shirt or Spongebob socks and this is great as it shows that they want to exert some individuality and all you need to do is build his outfit around this. If he particularly wants to wear his Batman shirt then use his decision to complement the rest of his outfit, as this way, you’re both happy.
















Big Boys
If you’re really lost on how to dress your boy, specifically, then all you need to do is look at what the current fashions for young men are and copy it. If it’s stylish on a 20 year old then you know it’s going to look fabulous on your 7 year old. This doesn’t work for women as a lot of women wear clothing that would be seen as inappropriate for young girls, however for boys don’t usually have this problem, but just make sure visualise how people will react before dressing your kids up in something that might been seen as a bit ‘out there’.


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