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Top Fashion Trends for Women to Follow This Season

2018 is still very fresh, and we’re running down a few outfit trends that you should definitely on the lookout for this season. Look through if you need an idea on what to wear and maybe you can compile a nice shopping list:

Crop tops

Crop tops are definite the in-thing this season, and they have received a lot of popularity for the fact that they are conservative enough to keep you covered, but still free enough to help you show as much skin as you like. Crop tops look stunning for sure, and you’re also free to get a jacket and pair it with one, should you ever be in a position where you feel too exposed.  

Croc slippers

Croc slippers are the dream of every lazy person. Perfect for just walking out of your home or around the neighborhood, these slippers epitomize comfort like no other set of footwear. With them, you’ll hardly feel like you’ve got anything on your feet, and they make for the perfect highlight to a carefree look.


The Denim craze is back for sure (that’s one of the best parts of the season). Denim shirts- just like jeans- are able to protect you from the cold. However, when the weather seems to be a tad hot, there and Denim shirts of lighter materials that work as well. Trust that these clothes will be around for a while.

Trench coats

You can definitely tell that there seems to be a bit of a nip in the air still. When days like thee come by, a trench coat will provide enough warmth, while also adding a nice twist to your overall ensemble.


Please note that you should only wear sandals for casual occasions. Without a doubt, these shoes are definitely awesome-looking. Sandals will definitely work or you, although you will have to watch out for the color and how you combine them as well. They are light on your feet, and this makes them perfect for days when you’ll have to do a lot of walking.


Without a doubt, the most popular on-jewelry accessories, when it comes to women’s clothing have to be the bracelets. They work for just about any occasion, and they can go with various outfits. Just get the color right, and you’ve got a real asset in a classy bracelet.

Knee-high jeans

You can do quite a lot with knee-high jeans. If you like a semi-formal look for your workplace or you just want to let your hair down with a few of your closest friends, it is always advised to go with knee-high jeans if you’re stuck for something to wear. They work every time.

Flat shoes

Every woman who is usually busy and has little time for changing shoes will be grateful for the invention of flats. They make it easy to walk and move around, but still, pack the grace and class that is needed to dominate the work area.

Need I say more?


Feeling “tomboyish”? Then it might be time for you to get on a nice set of kicks.

Sneakers are definitely for every season, and with a wide array of options available to you (you’ve got the usual Adidas abaya, Yeezys, nike air max, etc.), choosing the perfect one for you will definitely be easy.


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