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Vibes of a Multi-Ethnic City

LOS ANGELES – I moved to LA with my parents ten years ago and attended Santa Monica High School, known for its proximity to the beach. This was quite a physical and culture shock for me, coming from a small New England town in Connecticut! I studied with children of famous movie stars, directors, and celebrities as well as those who were from the poorest side of town. This is what has always attracted me to LA- the vast differences of the people, the cultures, the vibes of a multi-ethnic city that spreads out for over 503 square miles!

This is a place where individuality matters! Artists, designers, photographers, indy fashion designers, chefs, movie makers, and all those who want to create something visually and sensually attractive flock. I believe this place has long been a mecca for those who find it easier to be inspired in a sunny and warm environment. The Mediterranean climate, ocean, palm trees, gentle breezes, and dessert seem to provide a super relaxed mood or atmosphere to explore one’s individual craft (that is once you’ve found your little hide-away from the crazy traffic scene!)

Once you arrive here, it is near impossible to pick out the neighborhood you want to explore first— there are so many of them! Santa Monica is known for its historic pier and expansive beach, Malibu for its surfing, Venice Beach for its fun, crazy, skateboarding vibe, Los Feliz for its little boutiques, quaint cafes and bookstores, Robertson Blvd. (Beverly Hills) and Melrose Ave. (West Hollywood) for designer clothing, upscale boutiques, amazing farm to table restaurants, and music/night life. These are only a few of my faves… there are so many more neighborhoods that I haven’t even begun to mention!

My personal style comes from a desire to wear a mix of designers who I am delighted and charmed by! I like to mix with these pieces with others that are both minimal and affordable for a working girl! In addition to that, I love the Parisian sense of beauty that includes little makeup, or “fresh face”, for that je-ne-sais quoi special something. If you put that all together, with my cool California neighborhood finds, you would have the perfect idea of my personal look!

I look forward to your visiting me at Adorn La Femme.com!


Lauren – Adorn La Femme


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