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To Want Something Different

Sometimes I wonder if I would be any different had I been born someplace else. If I would still consider fashion my own creativity wonderland or even if I would dress the same. I wonder if life would have taken me to the same road, to the same people, the same disappointments and happy moments, if I would still have that thing inside me that screams all my battle cries and sings all the melodies that get me going.

But maybe, just maybe, the “Me” from Paris or New York wouldn’t have had to fight the same fights, to listen to same “she’s so weird” type of phrases that I had for so long and for so many times. And maybe, just maybe, this “Me” that has finally found who she is and who she wants to be, would be lost in the middle of some other big city.

Well, I should introduce myself and explain what I’m saying, shouldn’t I?
Hey guys, I’m Eliza, but everyone calls me Liz, and I’m graduated in History by the University of São Paulo, and I’m also a fashion and beauty blogger from Brazil.
I lived my entire life in the city called São Paulo and, for some, it might seem like such a big city, where you can get lost in the crowd, with your crazy heels and fun clothes, loving to be who you are. But it was never like that to me.
I have to admit I don’t have the most common way of dressing, but I was that chick in jeans and tee for as long as I can remember, and still that wouldn’t do it. I was always walking and looking down, trying to not get noticed, always hiding myself and trying to find myself –such a paradox, isn’t it?

And then came college. And then came blogging.
And I would find out one of my favorite things in this world of ours is that no one sees things the same. Might end up being a little chaotic at times, but it’s what give us courage to fight for what we believe in. And in fashion it is a must. And in life it is a must.
Sometimes we don’t realize how the conceptions and creations of society can blind us to new possibilities, and can make you static and accepting of a life that is just not meant to be yours: And I think I finally have the life I wanted to live. Not an easy life. Not a life with tones of money, not a life with dental, but the life that makes me smile everyday when I wake up.

Wasn’t easy to get here and to finally be able to look at myself and realize that I didn’t want the life people wanted for me, and that I wasn’t just the girl in jeans (unless they were all ripped off and with bling all over). I didn’t want to be a college professor, I didn’t want to be a public server, and no, I didn’t want to live that life that was only half fulfilling and that made me want to stay in bed the whole day. And that’s ok, you know, to want something different.

Blogging came easy for me: I always loved to write and working hard and posting everyday was just in my blood. And I’ve always been the type of girl that didn’t fit in anywhere, so what better place to be than among all of the other fashion bloggers that also didn’t fit in? I was just at home. But blogging here in Brazil can be tricky… But still, this is the life I’ve picked for me, and that’s all I need: something different.

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