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TACLOBAN – The city I live in is quite small, but highly metropolitanized situated in the Northeastern part of the island of Leyte, one of the major islands that comprise Eastern Visayas, and just a few of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

I could never be happier living in a tropical country such as the Philippines of which is so rich in history and culture and that has produced quite a share of famous personalities and beauties here and abroad where fashion & lifestyle is concerned. A mixture of races due to earlier colonization of Spanish, American, & Japanese, to name a few, you will not wonder why Filipinos came up to have such very unique and beautiful features. A mix of breeds, so to speak with a very creative and artistic nature, not to mention a distinct taste in fashion.

The city where I live in may be small and limited to a few access to the world’s most coveted items, but it doesn’t stop people from getting their hands on to the latest trends. Talk about blogging, social media, online shopping and travels! Yes, we are not a big city but people here know who’s who, what’s in and what’s not. If there’s one city that can best exemplify street fashion in its real sense, Tacloban could just be one of them because of the somewhat laidback and homey lifestyle of the locals. Don’t get me wrong, we also work in the fast lane and fashionistas alike love being dolled up from time to time! One thing too that makes me proud is that I have been a witness to the transition of the city. The once simple and small town has grown into a modernized metro, and to much of my delight, fashion came with it. It has always been a continuing process. Getting better every time.

We may not have the best of the four seasons like what other famous cities have, but we have the best of ideas on how to incorporate them with our style. Spring to us is Summer, and there’s no better way for us to wear those really nice jackets and boots than during rainy months, leaving the more complicated layering for planned travels abroad. Yes, we do find ways! For the love of fashion we devise reasons to look fab and express ourselves!

Really, I do believe that fashion is for everyone regardless of where you live in. It is not only for the high streets of Paris, Milan, and New York (of where I have always dreamed of exploring) , but it can also be in the quiet streets of your own city or my very own, Tacloban.

And to add icing to this already scrumptious cake, let me say that along the vicinity of this humble city, in the small town of Tolosa came up a well known name in fashion, Madam Imelda Romualdez Marcos, also known as “Tacloban’s Rose”, and the wife of our late ex-president Ferdinand Marcos who is well-known for her vast collection of shoes you can’t even imagine. Let’s not also lose sight of the famous Michael Cinco, of Catbalogan, Samar who’s been side by side with the highly acclaimed America’s Next Top Model reality show, and who has been making waves in the world of Haute Couture to date. One thing we have in common? We call ourselves, Waraynon!

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