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Your column here?

Would you like to write a guest column for BATC and getting featured on the website?

We find it interesting to relate fashion bloggers and cities, since a city can be a determining factor for the bloggers possibilities in the fashion industry. More and more bloggers are invited to big press events; some are even sitting front row at the international fashion week. It is noticeable that more bloggers are moving to other cities. Perhaps a city with more possibilities for them in the vogueish world.

We are curious about your experiences within different cities. Do you live in a big and well-known fashion city? Do you have to travel a lot to go to press events? What is your favorite city? Have you seen much of the world? What is your idea of the importance of a city to be a great blogger? Do you think a particular city can bring you closer to fashion?

E-mail us if you are interested.

E-mail: info@blogandthecity.net

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