The amount of fashion bloggers is expanding rapidly and they are ruling the fashion industry nowadays. Only a few fashion bloggers were popular ten years ago, now there are thousands of well attended ones. There is a big change that you are missing out on the best fashion blogs that you actually don’t want to miss out on. There are ways to easily get updates from your favorite blogs. However, you are always going to be the one who has to compile the list and keep up with new ones.

Fashion has always been expressed by cities. Like designers stating their brand name by the cities they are based in, and also how some cities get publicity because of fashion. Paris is famous for giving birth to fashion, Milan is well known for its streets full of designer shops and New York is the place where business is running. The international fashion weeks are the most important weeks of the fashion world. Moving from one ENORMOUS fashion city to another one, and back again every six months.

Blog and The City (BATC) brings the most influential and the best fashion blogs from around the entire world into just one platform, focusing on the personal style bloggers. BATC organizes the bloggers by the cities they are based in and is always seeking for new ones. It is interesting to relate bloggers and cities together, since a fashion city can be a determining factor for the bloggers possibilities in the fashion industry. More and more bloggers are invited to big press events; some are even sitting front row at the international fashion weeks. It is also noticeable that more bloggers are moving to other cities. Perhaps one with more possibilities for them into the fashion world. The aim of this platform is to show the most influential personal style bloggers and relate them to the cities they are living in. BATC highlights the blogger’s experiences and favorite facilities within a certain fashion city and reasons to possibly move to ANOTHER FASHION CITY. We will accomplish this by inviting the bloggers to write a column subjecting these aspects.

BATC is for everyone who loves to visit various fashion blogs now and then, without the need to create your own list of blogs or constantly following the same list over and over again.


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