Our Millennial generation isn’t supporting materialism so much anymore these days. We rather spend our money on unique experiences and on travels to see the world.   “To travel is to live”, “not all those who wander are lost” and “collect moments, not things” are quote examples that drive us Millennials to explore the unknown.   […]


Parties, dinners with friends, Christmas day photographs – December offers up numerous opportunities to show off your winter wardrobe, but what if your outfits are lacking pizazz? Adding new accessories is a great way to finish off an ensemble, but with so many new looks coming into play this season, you may need a little […]


If you want to be someone who’s admired and always ahead of the game, then you have to put in the time and energy it takes to become a trendsetter. It’s all about letting your true self shine through and not worrying about what other people think. If this is your goal, then you have […]


A nurse is usually in scrubs from the start of their day to the end of it. People assume that a nurse practitioner doctorate degree comes with a dull and boring sense of style. However, there are certain ideas that you can incorporate into your uniform to make it look cute and stylish. Here are […]


Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, once said that luxury is anything that feels special and does not have to be expensive. However, she was referring to moments with loved ones. Good, timeless items come with a certain price tag due to craftsmanship, materials and sometimes R&D costs. We bring you a list of […]


Nobody wants to look and feel anything less than confident as they age. Some people are lucky enough to naturally look better than others, although they do have good healthy eating regimens often and a beauty care routine that you just don’t know about. Still other people look like they’ve been ravaged by time as […]


The sneaker shoes persistently rank first in our foot wear list since they serve different functions. It has got numerous faces as athletic shoes, dance shoes and casual shoes irrespective of the sex. Men, women and kids can get a massive collection of sneakers at SSENSE, and each type has its remarkable attributes that will […]


Wedding attire is a prominent aspect of the wedding event. People tend to notice every little detail about what adorns a bride, and often there is a plethora of visual memorabilia from a wedding day. That is why it is important every aspect of wedding attire be as close to perfect as possible. This includes […]


If you’ve just graduated, you probably think that all the hard work is over. However, you are about to find out that it has only just begun. Before you can relax and start enjoying your adult life, you need to secure your dream graduate job and this can be tough. With so many graduates applying […]


Planning a wedding can be exhausting! From the attire right down to the décor, there are a million and one decisions that have to be made. Having a clear idea of what you want for your wedding will make the process run that much more smoothly come crunch time. Some trends are timeless and will […]


When you think fashion, your mind instantly goes to cities like Paris, London and New York. Rarely do you think of Berlin in the same sentence as ‘fashion capital’. However, things are changing, and the star German city is beginning to make tracks as a mecca of fashion for men and women alike. Berlin, like […]


We all got these days we don’t feel like putting on these fancy pair of heels. Let’s be honest: what goes beyond feeling safe whilst walking down the street. We love to say that comfy is the key, but how can we still look fab without chic heels? We will show you some cool options! Parisian […]


Who doesn’t have those months that your salary seems to fly away? But we consider shopping as a serious therapy for our minds. It’s an essential activity, we simply need to do some shopping. Always and always. So what to do when we’re tight on money? We do budget shopping! We will give you the […]


Achieving the same level of hair care at home as can be bought in a salon is now possible for those willing to spend the money. Even when one factors in the cost of premium-priced products, the savings compared to visiting a salon itself are considerable. Below are some top tips from fashion experts for […]


While summer is slowly arriving in Europe and the US, some of us are still seeking high mountains filled up with snow. We love that winter holidays are contrasting so much with summer holidays. You would highly be active during a winter holiday, rather than laying down somewhere reading a magazine. How great is the feeling […]


We live in a world in which time is an important measurement, for daily activities, but also on a bigger scale of life. Although a watch can be quite confronting sometimes, it is the perfect accessory to spice up your outfit of the day. Add that little extra or just simply make your look slightly […]


Not all proposals end well. Some of them end in a disaster. There are those who get painfully rejected. This is not because there is no love for each other, but because of the timing. By choosing the right time to propose, the response will most likely be positive. We give several tips for our […]


When it comes to suits, nothing is more important than the fit and the tailoring. You could have the best fabric in the world, but it will still not be enough to make you look good if it’s too tight or too loose. Leave the readymade suits where they are and always get your suit […]


As you might know already, the fabulous brand Rosefield Watches launched two new collections: the West Village Collection with six watches in different colors and the Upper East Side Collection containing six watches in three colors. We are lucky enough to give away a watch from the Upper East Collection to one of our readers! The […]


As a fashion lover, everything must be trendy in your life, aren’t we right? It’s not just about clothing and shoes. Even your headphones, iPhone case and journal must be stylish. We are obsessed with making everything around us as pretty as possible. Music and fashion pair off perfectly. The famous music festival Coachella is […]


Thanks to the wonders of technology, you no longer have to conduct a date face-to-face. If you can’t make it in person, perhaps because you are living on different continents, or your other half is away on business, having a video date is the next best thing. You can see each other, flirt and chat […]


When you are planning to place an e-commerce site you should consider on certain things that can make your website more popular. Setting up a page is just not about design but to put superb user experience. Set your mind always that customers look for those sites which are often easy to use with professional […]


Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not just about following the trends and finding a pair based on what’s ‘in’ today. There are several factors you need to consider if you really want to find the jeans that are right for you. First of all, you need to know what different styles are out […]


College is a great experience, but there are a great many hoops to jump through before you graduate with a degree. Firstly, you need to pass some exams, and secondly, you need to negotiate the minefield that is a typical day in college. From your very first day, you will be judged a thousand times […]


After weeks of studying or sitting behind a desk, there’s only one thing that can recharge us: a relaxed holiday at a beautiful, tropical place. But how can we look fancy at resorts and beaches whilst not loosing that comfiness we seek during our vacation? That’s exactly where Thalassa Boom joins in.       […]


Some people are never seen in anything but a pair of skinny jeans, but if you prefer to up your game a little, you need the right dress. The problem is that there are hundreds of different dresses to choose from, so if you have no idea what you are looking for, dress shopping can […]


The cropped jacket has surely become a statement item in the nineties. First of it started as pop video music star favorite item, but like its trousers counterpart – skinny jeans, it has gained tremendous fashion influence since those times. Also, a lot of takes have been done on the classic cropped jacket, since designers […]


The value of a great pair of men’s shoes is highly underrated. Often the last thing a man thinks about when it comes to his wardrobe is the dress shoe he will wear for work and special occasions. What is so important about shoes anyway? Comfort is key when it comes to a pair of […]


I find that dressing little girls is easier, because they can look cute in anything really, as long as you ensure what you’re dressing them in is suitable, unlike that weird craze a few years ago when little girls were wearing ‘Juicy’ joggers, which is just wrong. Little boys on the one had are very […]


You spent a lot of money on your fine jewelry, so you should make it a point to take care of your many pieces and keep them looking like new. After all, if you can keep your jewelry in top condition, it will retain its value much more effectively through the coming years. So continue […]


Autumn can be the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding reception. The leaves are at their most beautiful and the landscape offers more of its beauty. You can easily turn an autumn day into a beautiful, vibrant and romantic wedding day. There are a number of things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding […]


Are you a proud owner of exquisite leather goods? Do you cherish your leather boots or purse?  We have got great news for all those who appreciate the subtle art of leather making. Recently, you can enjoy a newly opened, international platform where leather-lovers can find all information about the industry, events, and companies. Here […]


I love vacations. It is a chance to kick back and unwind, soak up some sun, and forget about work for a few short days. For me, the anticipation is almost as much fun as actually being there. Sorting out clothes, deciding what to take and what not to take, and thinking ahead to all […]


Packing and unpacking seasonal wardrobes can be a daunting task. Not to mention, it’s a little disheartening to have to pack away some of your favorite pieces until the weather changes. But there are some ways you can avoid the chore. Check out a few of these classically cold pieces you can save from storage […]


We are showing you our favorite trends for summer 2016. You will notice many trends of last seasons will stick around with us, because when a trend is strong enough, it’s good enough to stay, right? Everyone is crazy for the lace-up trend. Or what about the off-the-shoulder tops? It seems to suit a lot of different styles.


Pearls have been revered by all cultures and civilizations since the dawn of time. The modern age loved them and wore them with pride and passion. If you think about ladies like Audrey Hepburn or Liz Taylor, you know that pearls have always been associated with high class, elegance, feminine charm and wisdom. However, the […]


We’ve seen this sporty trend before and it’s definitely a hit once again this Spring/Summer. The baseball caps trend is great for numerous reasons: whether it’s having that bad hair day, wanting to tone down or up an outfit or simply supporting your favourite sports team while looking chic and staying on trend. It’s a […]


You don’t have to hide your premium socks anymore; it’s time to make a fashion statement with them! And guess what? You can show them in any other way, however you like. You can’t go wrong wearing socks in your shoes this season. We will show you some (slightly crazy) styling options.         […]


Minimalist dressing often conjures up images of pastel shades, soft grey sweaters, and immaculately tailored everything. While we’re big fans of the polished less-is-more trend, we also love our casual beach days and are surf chasers at heart. Hailing from Australia means that we’ve curated a style that combines the simple aesthetics of minimalist dressing […]


Who needs sleep, anyway? That will be the question on everybody’s lips come spring 2016. A new trend has emerged from the beautiful runways of Paris and their amazing Fashion Week – the lingerie dresses. They’re lacy, romantic, see-through, sexy and cute, all at the same time. Yes, they’re sheer and they’re here! And here […]


As almost any other fashionista, we are crazy for jewelry. We enjoyed the minimal jewelry trend of the last few seasons, but we also love to see more heavy pieces this season. We came across the jewelry brand UNO de 50 USA on instagram the other day and just received the press release from this brand talking […]


It’s our favorite time of the season- sale time! We have strolled down the trendiest webshops in search for the best sale offers, and here are our sale picks!


More and more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We can easily say that living healthy is increasingly popular. From green smoothies to greater mindfulness – you could say that healthy is all the rage. And let’s not forget… a lot of workout! As many of us are spending a lot of time in the […]


The 70’s are back, and stronger than ever! During the current international fashion weeks, we have seen a lot of suede, flared pants, belt and… denim! Lots of denim! We cannot say denim has ever gone out of fashion, but it really is one of the most important fabrics this season. Let’s have a look […]


We are in the middle of February and our desire for summer increases. While watching the SS15 collections on the fashion week’s runways, we are longing to wear dresses and sandals again. What other brand than Reef is more inspiring for our summer desires?


These weeks are the most cozy weeks of the year, but also the most busy ones. To eliminate some stress around Christmas time, we have selected fashionable Christmas gift ideas for you. Just sit back and relax, and shop these gifts for your loved ones.


We got introduced with Shinola Detroit a while ago, and got hooked up with their high quality and stylish products. They are mostly specializing in watches, leather goods and bicycles. While scrolling through the website, the quality of this brand becomes clear immediately. There is nothing better like products made with special care, right? We would […]


Nike just does it. They know how to drive anybody to ‘just do it’ – but they drive themselves to rock any fashion trend even better. They released a new edition of the Benassi slides – with the perfect mix between the two most popular shoe trends of this moment; the sporty pool-slides and the […]


Elin Kling in the office Dressing for the job: three tips that might just land you that dream job If diamonds are a girl best friend, job interviews are about the exact opposite. Nobody likes to be judged for thirty minutes in a small office space, and an interview gone wrong can sometimes result in […]


Last week Tianne Bell wrote about the fringe kimono trend among fashion bloggers. She showed us some great bloggers wearing these bohemian jackets, which is one of the most popular trends this summer. Whether you go to a festival, having a night out with your friends, or just go for some shopping, it’s the kind off trend which suits […]


Juule, the German blogger behind A Pretty Pass, moved to Vienna. We are curious to her story and got the chance to interview her. How does she relate her personal style to various cities?


Amy and Naomi, the girls behind the blog “Two Shoes, One Pair”, have once written a column about their London style for BATC and now they are doing a report on their first experience of London Fashion Week for us.


Bandhu is a jewelry line which remains a personalised symbol for life. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and can be obtained in vairous kinds of reused leather. We give you the opportunity to win this set of bracelets.


LUMO is a fine handcrafted jewelry line designed and handmade in California. Their pieces are worn by the greatest fashion bloggers. We give you the opportunity to win a $50 voucher to spend at LUMO.


We have interviewed the classy Malin Richardson, the Swedish blogger behind ‘Mogi’. This full-time blogger have lived in different great cities, but is currently residing in Paris with her boyfriend for a certain period. In our opinion, Malin and Paris are a great match. Let’s explore her thoughts about her style and several cities.


Daniel Footwear offers shoes from designers such as UGG, Ash, Diesel, Tory Burch, Hunter, Michael Kors, Armani Jeans and many more. We are giving you the opportunity to win a £50 gift voucher to spend at Daniel Footwear.


Pistolette is a fresh, inspired collection of dresses and rompers, made locally in Brooklyn, NY. We give you the opportunity to win the Piper Dress of their new collection. This sophisticated jersey dress features peplum and sheer panels; details reflecting the latest fashion trends.


The Daniel Wellington watches are seen at fashion blogs frequently lately. The thin, refined and perfectly rounded watch has a young but classic appearance, and is suitable for every occasion. We give you the opportunity to win a Daniel Wellington watch of your choice.