Now that the 90’s trend is going on everywhere this year, logo tees is what you will see on most blogs and instagram accounts right now. Starting from the catwalk, it’s hands down what you need in your closet this spring ! Easy to wear and they add that sporty vibe to every outfit, under floaty dresses, […]


Who would have thought that the famous sweatshirt from Champion, which was founded in 1919, had its peak in the 90’ies and would have a comeback now again? The champion sweatshirt has been spotted on several celebrities, bloggers and influencers all around the world. The champion sweatshirts are worn by school and college sportteams, college […]


This year brought many trends back in our closets, including the ever-so 90s piece: the fishnet stockings. It was, and still is, a major comeback this year. And we love it! We’ve seen it on many celebrities, stylists and some of the most popular bloggers. The fishnet trend has quite a modern chic feeling to […]


The sneaker trend has been with us for years. This comfy look one has been paired with just about any outfit possible. It adds that little extra or breaks an outfit a bit. It makes a chic outfit less luxe, an adorable outfit less cute, a minimal look more interesting. And the best thing is you’re […]


2015 was the year of ‘the neck’. The popular 90’s staple has gotten huge again; the chocker necklace. It’s delicate, it’s different, and it adds a little bit of an edgy, think rock star, vibe to even the simplest of looks. Let us inspire you with the coolest fashion bloggers chocker necklace outfits. Wear a […]


While last winter’s color scheme was filled with hues of moody reds and deep purples; shades of emerald green have emerged as the fresh, new color of the season. This winter, in collaboration with H&M, Balmain masterfully constructed a line of dark green pieces in velvet perfection – another one of this season’s essential fabrics. […]


As the days are starting to get cooler one now has to go back to the closet and pack out the warm feel gooders. One of my favourite (and yours probably as well) is the tall boot trend or over the knee. It has been seen on the best fashionistas and street stylers around the […]


It’s not only about off the shoulder tops these seasons. Lately seen a lot on almost every fashion blogger around the globe, off shoulder dresses are just THE thing to wear these days. Together with a nice cardigan or cape, it´s even perfect for late summer and early autumn days. Shoulder free dresses can be […]


As the holidays quickly approach, fuzzy jackets, warm wool coats and leather boots are emerging onto the scene. This means holiday parties, season celebrations, and New Year blowouts are all a short, cold breath away. But before you’re troubled with the impending headache of what to wear, consider this year’s bash-friendly fabric: the velvet fall trend.  […]


Although caps are functionally designed for warmth and blocking sunlight from the eyes, it succeeded to obtain some utility in fashion too. You might call this thing clever and quite intelligent. It seems to add that little extra to these many-layered, winter outfits.


This Summer the short neck scarf has become the go-to accessory for precarious pairings with this seasons minimal and 70’s trends. Taking the central place of large statement necklaces, these tiny scarves only add pizazz to an otherwise simple look, as opposed to adding overrated bling and attention. Blogger trendsetters, who are on trend with […]


The peep toe shoe is a trend that may scare some of us. I mean think about it; it’s winter- all you want is to lock up those feet but fashion says “hell no honey, show them feet”. And since fashion is always right and has the best interest for us all it end up […]


Short shorts have been trending during summers since several years now and they have made a comeback yet again this year. With celebs such as Taylor Swift flaunting this style ravishingly, it is no surprise that this trend is still quite in vogue. Denim cutoffs, wrap shorts, those with fun-time prints – there are a […]


Carine Roitfeld said, “We are very lucky to be women, so even if we’re wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra – I like that”. These days however, the cheeky lace bra doesn’t stay in the background, no. You will see it peeking through a sheer blouse, a loose tank top, or a […]


White lace is no longer just for wedding dresses. Bohemian crop tops, mini dresses, and two-piece sets make up a few of the options available for one of summer’s growing trends. Lace is made of relatively simple fabrics (typically either cotton, linen or silk), but it’s the intricate thread work that makes it so special, […]


Accessories are the key to a great outfit and the art of accessorizing is one to be appreciated. I’ve lately noticed a slew of stylish women rocking the accessory your dresser is covered with – bangles. Though the bangle’s popularity has seen many different sides of love and hate through the last several decades, we’ve […]


Looking for comfortable yet still super chic and stylish shoes to wear in the dog days of summer? Gladiator sandals were made for you! These amazing shoes probably will never go out of style, and they can be a perfect match from vintage to beachy boho style. Wearing a pair will not only take your […]


A-line Button Down skirts are raging in the blogosphere as the go-to 70’s inspired staple for the Summer. This high-waist, flared silhouette favors nearly any body type and positively accentuates your gams. This trend gained momentum even before the weather permitted, when fashion cognoscenti bravely rocked these minis in the Winter during Fashion Week for the ultimate […]


While fall fashions are flooding retailers this week, the weather reports are still screaming summer. The best underrated accessory to any chic outfit, paired with all styles from chiffon maxis to high waisted shorts and a crop top is the oversized hat. It’s perfect for adding layers, or shielding your face from the hot summer […]


Kimonos have come and gone but I have a feeling Japanese Souvenir Jackets are forever. These collectible articles originated in WW2 when American soldiers wanted to adorn their service jackets with traditional and ornate embroidery, to serve as a memento for their wives and children. Thus a piece like this doesn’t only resinate attachments to […]


The grey basic shirt has solidified its place amongst bloggers as a chic street style piece that is anything but basic. When paired with black separates or sultry heels, this sophisticated staple becomes the centerpiece of an updated monochromatic look; a welcomed change from total white or all black ubiquitous outfits. Plus, a reliable grey […]


Over the last years, trends have not only lasted shorter in fashion terms but, also, specific designer items have represented them. We’ve seen bloggers wear lots of dream accessories like Amulette necklace by Cartier, Carol sandals by Isabel Marant and Chanel’s Canvas Graffiti Backpack. This explains one of the multiple reasons why the trends’ cycle […]


An oversized striped shirt never goes out of style, which is why it remains a mainstay amongst fashion cognoscenti every Spring season. Especially amongst street style bloggers who keep this timeless essential on hand for effortless on-the-go outfits. For now, the Breton Stripe still proves to be the most trending design, but with an edgier, […]


We’re not waiting until some approved Spring holiday to wear white clothing. In fact, white heels have become the ultimate transitional must-have for the season. Even though nude pumps have always been touted as the finishing touch to any street style look, white heels have resurfaced once again in the blogosphere to become the statement […]


We already know the origins of jeans, created for miners as work wear by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1871. But, when did basic jeans become flared? And when did this become a trend? The first ones to incorporate flared jeans to their uniforms were the sailors in the 19th century. Comfort produced this […]


Yes, all black is still a thing and as omnipresent as this trend seems, there are some subtle changes to adapt in order to pull off this edgy look during the Winter. Leather pants are officially the perfect investment staple that always manage to reemerge as the trendiest must-have item amongst fashion cognoscenti worldwide. The good […]


The scarf is an accessory that suffered several changes over the past several decades. Human needs gave shape to these various alterations, in order to construct a path where the scarf represents a trend that defines styles and social status. Our desirable fashion item can vary between different accessories: shoes, jewellery, totes, perfumes and, especially, […]


The white knit has been the ultimate Winter staple for seasons on end and is particularly a must-have because it doubles as the absolute transitional piece when the cold frost finally melts.


Blue is a unifying colour that embraces authority uniforms, different gods of diverse religions, the symbol of denim within fashion, and forgets genders some time ago awarded to this pigment. We are showing you the best all-blue outfits by bloggers!


This Winter, throwing on a cape is the go-to uniform for all fashion bloggers gearing up to brave colder temperatures for street style OOTD’s. Don’t fret about looking lost in an oversized blanket while rocking a cape this season, because..


Since we’ve exhausted the classic all black everything outfit, carried all white ensembles from season to season and even sported every minimalist combo on the greyscale, it was only natural that all grey would emerge as the new raging trend.


Boyfriend clothing has become a must-have when Kurt Cobain showed us how to rock oversize pieces in the 90’s. The last few years, we’ve seen boyfriend jeans, coats, blazers and jackets.
But, when did “boyfriend” style started?


Trendsetters who aren’t quite ready to don official winter coats have turned to the utility jumpsuit as the transitional must-have for fall street style. Fashion bloggers have passionately grasped this trend by pairing these sartorial one-pieces with sexy two-strap sandals and coveted it-bags.


Sneakers are back, and not only the running shoes or the fashionable Converse. Stan Smith changed the tennis world. Why can’t we wear the Adidas’ Stan Smith and change the fashion world?


Statement necklaces have crept back into the forefront of minimalist closets with new heavy metal bold designs. Long gone are the days of the layered colorful bauble necklaces, which have been replaced with intricately designed chained neck adornments.


It wasn’t until some months ago, that mom jeans reappeared on the streets. Nowadays, women are looking for a stylish and comfort (sport chic trend) way of living. So, the comeback of these jeans isn’t so rare. Oversize is the new thing.


Today, the loose fit trench coat is the “new thing”. It gives you formality or informality, depending on what you wear it with. Also, it can be used both in rainy or sunny days, and it is fresh and comfortable.


Wardrobe staples with wrap detailing are a fashion blogger’s best kept secret to maintaining a chic, minimalist closet. A wrapped skirt or draped blouse exudes sophistication and can swiftly upgrade what would otherwise be considered a basic outfit.


As we already know, when it comes to fashion everything returns; even the things we didn’t have in mind. After decades of wearing mini and long skirts (the ones that cover the beautiful shoes we chose), the midi skirt is back.


There is something so quintessential americana about a varsity jacket. It brings up all this nostalgia of football games, high school, old boyfriends and a time when life was simpler. So it would make sense that in the midst of all things sports luxe, the varsity jacket would come back in a big way.


So it seems that what happens in Coachella doesn’t stay in Coachella. The fringe trend, the well-loved music festival fashion trend has hit the main stream in a major way. No longer just hippy-dippy chic, bloggers of all aesthetics are incorporating fringe into their street style looks.


I love purses as much as the next gal, but the backpack trend is a welcome relief. My aching shoulders are screaming hallelujah. It is the fashion girl’s version of the holy grail, the rare combination of fashion and comfort. I recently bought a black leather one that seems to go with everything.


Culottes are officially the new must-have pants for spring. You probably haven’t seen them since your school days, but consider them back, and back with a vengeance. They were awesome then and are even better now, and fashion bloggers from around the world agrees.


I have not been particularly fond of New Balance sneaker over the course of my fashion career. They have always seemed so bulky and I prefer a sleeker, more streamlined sneaker. However I have been over ruled. Recently new balance sneakers have been popping up on fashion blogs all over the place.


Normally I run from denim jackets like the plague. They seem so dated or so suburban mom,however, after seeing these following bloggers I am starting to retract that statement. They are coming off quite cool and fashion forward.


Coachella may be over but bohochic is forever. Festival inspired looks are definitely a major trend this year. Flower headbands, crochets tops, crop tops, high waist denim etc… But the most versatile of them all may be the fringe kimono. Easy to wear and easy to style.


While one pieces are making a big comeback in swimwear, they are also making a big splash in our urban jungles. Bodysuits are not always the most comfortable of garments but they do turn the sexy way up. The following bloggers have shown us how to rock the trend.


Every wardrobe needs a classic white or blue shirt; it is a timeless and egalitarian piece.
The basic is a go-to, especially for this spring. Regardless what style you’re sporting, this crisp staple can incorporated into every possible scenario. Check out for yourself!


While mules where ones considered as chunky shoes, designers have given the backless heal a sharp makeover. The return of the mule is inevitable. Designers like Victoria Beckham, Céline, 3.1 Philip Lim and Altuzarra have embraced the shoe in their spring collections and so have these fashion bloggers.


Wide pants has surely not passed your attention by now. It’s safe to say that this wide piece of loveliness is going to be worn by many this spring. [portfolio_slideshow]                                                   […]


The winter is slowly coming to and end and we couldn’t be more ready for spring. The desire for brighter spring colors can be spotted among bloggers, mixing pastels and spring shades with typical items from last season such as camel and grey tones.


After we’ve been stalking Stan Smith until he got nuts, we got our attention on his big brother; the Superstar by Adidas. Some people get nostalgic seeing those sneakers, but whatever feeling it might provoke, they are quite stylish in these bloggers outfits.


The Isabel Marant pour H&M collection might be quite some time ago now, but clearly it isn’t out of our minds yet. On the blogs we see the items popping up everyday somewhere. And the item worn most by bloggers must be the leather pants.


With the winter making its appearance, we started to layer our clothes again. And that is where a classic trend reincarnates; wearing blouses underneath tops. These bloggers show you how to use you blouse in layering.


Oversized clothing still haunts our hearts which are beating for fashion. We are always in search for the item with the most extreme cut. And so are these fashion bloggers competing with the sizes of their grey coats. Who’s coat wins?


Did we almost let you think there aren’t any fashion trends going on among the bloggers at the moment? It couldn’t be further from the truth. We actually spotted a very nice one the past few months; the lingerie dress. Add some sex appeal to your masculine outfit! [portfolio_slideshow]     SHOP SIMILAR:


Listen up, all nail polish addicted girls. You can now get your old booties out of the back of your closet, and varnish them in its entirety with your favorite polish, because varnished boots are getting trendy among this season. But okay.. let’s not really try that.


Aren’t we longing for warm and cosy oversized sweaters with the winter coming up? Turtleneck sweaters couldn’t give you a more comfortable feeling. It’s the bigger, the better this season. Taking a good example of the ones of Angelica and Sara.


The original Dr Martens boots, also known as Docs, are suffering from the chronic-trend disease. I mean, for how long do we see those shoes on the feet of fashionista’s? Kinda comparable to the All Stars sneakers who also don’t seem to take some time for recovery.


In first instance, we might associate the pinstripe with the business attire or American baseball, but we all know by now that the stripes can be quite fashionable as well. It’s the kind of print which will never be out of fashion. These fashion bloggers shown here will most likely agree.


The tartan print, also called plaid by many bloggers, is hot this season once again. We notice an abundance of bloggers wearing the print in every type of clothing. And although we do see various colors passing by, the punky red-colored must be the most popular.


We are pretty sure you noticed the extremely high boots at the H&M Paris show a few months ago. And with the collection (by which everybody seems so obsessed with) finally being out in stores, we will see a lot of over the knee boots this fall and winter once again.


The color pink provokes diamonds in most women’s eye, but often isn’t the favorite color to apply in outfits and interior. But haven’t Carven and Céline shown us the combination of oversized plus pink is overpowering? If we have to believe ELLE: “Fall will be pretty in pink”.


Sneakers are doing quite well these seasons. To this day, some of the greatest bloggers are still wearing the wedge sneakers and now we notice many slip-on sneakers on the blogs as well. Not surprisingly, Céline might held responsible for this trend again.


Just as love makes people do crazy things, fashion makes bloggers combine their clothes in the most insane ways. Currently, they are wearing bustiers or crop tops over their loose basic tees. It might be a bit weird, but how cool is this trend?


The short suits are like a fashionable playground for the fashionistas. The might be chic enough to wear at your work office, but might be suitable for a casual day as well. Perfect for these summer days. [portfolio_slideshow]  


“A tomboy is a girl who behaves according to the gender role of a boy” says Wikipedia. The term ‘tomboyish’ has been used widely in fashion to clarify a certain masculine style. We have all seen the tomboy sweaters by now. Here is a nice selection of bloggers wearing them.


Leather might be the fabric which has been most popular in fashion, and has been most spoken about the past few years. We have seen it being processed in every possible piece of clothing. And now it’s time to fabric it in our swimwear – the leather bikini is on trend!


Although the devices you are looking at right now are looking more simplistic each year, we all desire some retro stuff now and then. These fashion bloggers are wearing retro “steampunk” sunglasses. Don’t they look more technical than your Ipad?


We might be a bit late doing a trend post about the lace-up sandals, because we are seeing them for several months on the feet of the bloggers. But better now than never, right? Here is a selection of bloggers wearing some great ones.


Cutting pieces out of clothes has been a popular type of DIY for quite some time now. Since we are aware that the human being likes to explore the most extreme in everything, we are not surprised by these extreme cut out jeans.


The second part of the ‘long summer legwear’ theme of this week are the long skirts. These over-the-knee length skirts worn by the bloggers aren’t tomboyish at all. How more feminine could legwear be?


This week’s blog trend theme is ‘long summer legwear’. We notice a lot of long shorts or long skirts at the blogger’s outfit posts lately. Let’s start with showing the tomboyish long shorts.


It’s a fact, black and white are the most important colours in fashion. The combination of black and white is really powerful. The power can be explained by the strongest contrast which possibly can be achieved within the total colour range.


We already have spotted different types of headgear at fashion blogs the past few months. So have we written about the animal eared hats, regular caps, beanies, fedora hats and last week about the cowboy hats. Join us to explore another recent headgear trend; the captain’s cap.


The high-crowned and wide-brimmed American cowboy hats are traditionally worn by ranch workers, but significantly worn by fashion bloggers nowadays as well. A real cowboy is all about the attitude. Just like a fashion blogger is.


Isabel Marant pour H&M – is the best news we all received this month so far. Like Camille said: “It’s gonna be a blood bath”, but it makes no difference. We are looking forward to it. This post is dedicated to Isabel Marant Caroll Elvis sandals.


We’ve seen many holographic inspired posts on the blogs last year. We had expected a huge trend, but it turned out not to be the case. Only a few bloggers have posted outfits with holographic items. And we’ve exposed them here for you.


It’s a hate it or love it (or love it that it’s been hated, or hate it so much that I love it) kind of trend; Birkenstock(look-a-like) sandals. But one sure thing is that they are becoming loved more and more at this certain moment, after years of abomination. Shall we call it the Birks-revolution? Of course, credits goes to Phoebe Philo.


Translucent bags are a trend for a period longer than just this season. From see-through backpacks to transparent clutches. Obviously, our society likes the transparency to even exist in fashion. And apparently, we still have that faith in each other for that kind of exposing.


The bomber trend sure deserves a second post at Blog and The City, because we have seen many great ones passing by in the first months of 2013. And it seems that every fashionista likes this type of jacket. Seems like it’s suitable for any style.


We have shown bloggers wearing the Balenciaga Buckle cut out boots before. This post will be dedicated to alternative cut out booties, because they are slowly popping up at every shop. Major designers may be innovative, but copy and redesign a certain trend might be an accomplishment as well.


We notice a lot of crossover slash draped blouses in the shops right now (Zara has plenty of them). And not quite surprising, we do see them on the fashion blogs too. The light weighted look makes the blouse perfect for the coming summer days.


Tropical prints are HOT for quite a few summers now. The trend can’t seem to avoid the hotness of the sun. We show you some bloggers wearing the palm tree prints. Let’s visualize we are in paradise while looking at these hot pieces of clothes.


Have you heard of the “strong is the new skinny” revolution? After years and years of fighting the bodyweight, and on the other hand banning the too skinny models of the catwalks; women found a more healthy way to have an obsession with their body. It’s time to show the tendinous belly underneath the crop top.


We have seen them last summer, but they sure will get even more trendy this summer; the Chanel espadrilles. The Spanish shoes are purely practical and comfortable, and obtainable on the local markets for just a few euros. Wait.. we’re talking about the original ones. Carrying the Chanel name makes it possible to charge multiple times more.


Since Acne came up with the ‘collage’ and ‘music’ patch T-shirts, we noticed some variants of these top on the blogs. Although it may not be a very interesting trend at first glance, the trend kind of deserves its place right here. For how many years have we seen texts printed on tops?


It seems like fashion has gained some serious interest in sports. We have seen some weird combinations passing by lately. Like sport brand logos printed on blouses and sweatpants united with heels. And now it is time to connect American baseball sweaters to women’s beloved dresses.


These bloggers certainly are wearing their scarfs for quite a different purpose than cowboys wore their bandanas. But isn’t that exactly what fashion does? Taking advantage of a stereotypical craftmanships’s costume to turn it into a new fashionable style?


While some of the greatest fashion bloggers are hopping around Palm Springs in their Bohemian outfits, the rest of us are just craving to join the Coachella weekends this year. And while they aren’t even thinking about updating their blogs, we are daydreaming over their instagram pics.


We see a lot of cow prints on the blogs, in the magazines and on the catwalks lately. Looking at the two favorite colors of fashion, black and white, you may not be suprised that the print has become trendy. But looking at a cow in a meadow, we are doubting the print’s charm.


The label Jil Sander gave the iconic American paper lunch bag a new life by releasing a luxurious version last year. They rendered it in leather and gave it an extravagant price tag. Since that moment, the lunch bag has gained new fame on the fashion blogs. Presumably with a content quite different than back in the nineties.


Major designers behind labels like Céline and Tibi have used white-colored sheer fabrics in their designs the last few seasons and some bloggers love wearing the sheer details in their clothes. Especially the ones who are minimalism obsessed, those who are (almost pathological) holding on to the motto ‘less is more’.


You’ve been living in a deep black cave the last few weeks if you haven’t noticed any blogger wearing the asymmetrical white skirt from Zara. Almost an impossible scenario. Don’t worry, we won’t assemble all the outfits with that skirt in this post. No, here we’ll show bloggers wearing other spectacular asymmetrical skirts.


After a severe winter in various places around the world, and with the start of spring, we are craving for some pictures make us smile. We collected some photos of bloggers who are joyfully discovering cities on their bicycle. Although we can’t state that bicycles are the new blog trend, they do add that little extra to the photos.


The queen of layering Leandra, owner of one of the most influential fashion blogs “The Man Repeller”, taught us how to grow like an onion with her lessons in layering. It’s incredible how she accomplish to look amazing with five different prints, five colors and five sweaters above each other. Lately, bloggers often are wearing two jackets on top of each other.


Fashionistas wearing Nike Logo T-shirts – another proof of the major influence Nike Inc. has in this society. As a matter of fact, the latest fashion trends are influenced by sports. Who can’t agree on the combination of a girlish outfit with a sportive touch?


Ever wondered what the connecting link between the European folk dance ‘polka’ and the polka dots could be? Well, it seems that the pattern became fashionable in the time when the polka dance was popular. Maybe it is not really worthwhile knowing this background, although these polka dots on denim on the other hand are interesting enough!


All of a sudden, bloggers are wearing dungarees again and our Bloglovin’ newsfeeds are overwhelmed with them. Did you notice that a lot of trends are making comebacks, after just a short period of rest, too? These overalls luckily come in different models, colors and fabrics, so we won’t get bored of them.


We know them for quite some time now, but they don’t seem to disappear out of the corners of our eyes. Talking about the Balenciaga Buckle Boots. Bloggers keep showing up with these boots as their latest purchases. Some of you will agree, some will not. Surely makes you wonder if there’s a lack of financial crisis.


As we have learned from fashion so far, it always knows how to restore aged trends into new innovative ones. And so it managed to surprise us with refreshing the animal beanies into a hat variant. Well done, because the eared beanies are ready for retirement. Don’t you think so?


Have you heard of the stories about old men wearing a super long coat? With the reason to cover their entirely naked body underneath, and revealing it at a certain moment on the streets? Probably freaked you out as a child, maybe even still today. However, these bloggers certainly just wanna show off their clothes underneath!


If you have seen enough of plaid prints on the blogs, we like to bother you a little more with these checked sweaters (although we can’t imagine these actually will annoy you in any kind of way). How could this print look so classic, but at the same time so punk too?


Remember those days as a child when you dressed yourself too warm, you solved this problem by tying your sweater around the waist? Or did you notice tourist doing this without caring how it would look like? Of course, bloggers know how to transform something pure as functionality into the art of fashion.


Tattoos can’t really be a trend, since it’s not a temporarily thing like the most trends are. Bloggers are into distinct tattoos at this moment. The whole world seems to want an extraordinary tattoo. The questions is; for how long will a fashion tattoo stay unique?


Black leather makes an outfit more rough and rugged and white leather causes a look to be more soft; that’s just the main difference between black and white. You might think that black and white are equal in dignity. However, fashion mostly favors black. White dominates in this post though.


Tartan is the pattern we know from the traditional Scottish kilts. Aren’t you intrigued by the story that Scottish men don’t wear anything underneath? Anyway, most bloggers name the print “vintage plaid” and here we show you some girls wearing the blue-green variant.


Seems like black and white stripes has got everybody’s attention once again. Makes you wonder; what’s the magic behind this simple print? There are probably thousands of reasons to appoint, but eventually it’s just because Coco Chanel has enchanted it.


Many girls are showing up with the same black skirt from Zara. It’s not really annoying and it’s not unexpected too, because the skirt is simply astonishing. The question still remains though; are the bloggers inspired by each other?


Models are being camouflaged from head-to-toe with leopard print in Stella McCartney’s spring ’12 collection. Some bloggers managed to find nice alternatives to Stella’s leopard suit. Must say it looks pretty comfortable for a no-inspiration day.


The whats-in-my-bag posts of bloggers are always quite popular. For one or another reason, people find it interesting to sniff in someone else’s stuff. These bloggers are making it simple for you with translucent clutches.


Burgandy has been the color of the past few months. The dark red (and almost purple) color has been popular in all kinds of clothes and accessories, and in make-up too. Sorry gothics, you aren’t the only one anymore wearing the color on the lips.


According to the latest trends, nowadays teddy bears are being skinned to create soft fur coats for fashionable women (is that even legal? New thing to focus on, animal activists!). It must feel like wearing a supportive mascot!


Fashion bloggers showing up with fedora hats is like a physical oscillation that travels through spacetime. At one period, they all seem to cover their heads and at the other moment they rather leave their hats in their wardrobes. These photos shown here are all very recently published.


If you followed the fashion blogs over the past few months, you’ve definitely seen cartoon printed “KA-POW” sweaters. This trend might have been eye-opening for you last summer, right now they most likely bore you. So, shall we consider them as history?


Leather has been worn in every century; by the Neaderthals from the stone age up the fashionistas nowadays. This authentic material shows itself off in the shape of a pleated skirt this season. How nice is the combination with a big and tough sweater?


At the moment it’s all about the beanies; not quite surprising as in most of Europe and North-America the winter is kicking in. Beside the need to keep heads warm these days, the beanies add a little extra to the fashion bloggers’ outfits.


Necklaces can’t be more crazy than those hanging in the shops right now. It looks like there is no need to be shy wearing them. Anyway, you will win a million dollars when you find a fashion blogger who hasn’t showed up with such statement necklace.


Although we don’t receive any signs from the sun in Europe anymore, we like to pretend we do for a moment. Take a look with us at these cheery photos, containing great outfits with reflector sunglasses. Aren’t these sunnies innovative after a few years of black ray-bans?


The bomber jacket was originally created for pilots, but is nowadays part of many different styles. The jacket has been popular in the skinhead-culture, in the hip-hop scene.. and today it seems in world of the bloggers. Join us for a look of these incredibly awesome jackets. Could any print be fashionably possible?


Many fashion bloggers seem to suffer from a neon kick. We have seen the brightest colors in their shoes, bags and other accessories. Here, we show you the best outfits with the yellow-neon sweater. Our favorites are the fluffy ones, which you can get at Acne and H&M Trend.