Oversized Pink Coats

The color pink provokes diamonds in most women’s eye, but often isn’t the favorite color to apply in outfits and interior. But haven’t Carven and CĂ©line shown us the combination of oversized plus pink is overpowering? If we have to believe ELLE: “Fall will be pretty in pink”.

Flasher’s Long Coat

Have you heard of the stories about old men wearing a super long coat? With the reason to cover their entirely naked body underneath, and revealing it at a certain moment on the streets? Probably freaked you out as a child, maybe even still today. However, these bloggers certainly just wanna show off their clothes underneath!

Teddy Bear Coat

According to the latest trends, nowadays teddy bears are being skinned to create soft fur coats for fashionable women (is that even legal? New thing to focus on, animal activists!). It must feel like wearing a supportive mascot!