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Choosing Chenille Curtains

There are a number of things you need to decide when you are choosing the chenille curtain fabric. You need to decide on the durability for example, or texture and weight are things to keep in mind as well. The durability of the fabric is quite important. Fabrics can easily be damaged by sun, so if you happen to have a house with great sunlight, you should definitely keep that in mind. Certain fabrics and materials, like silk for example, are really sensitive to the sun. So whilst picking curtains, it comes really helpful to consider the fabrics too.

Thread count
The thread count is also important in the chenille curtains. Usually, the decorator fabric has the higher thread count as compared to the fabrics which are used for making clothes. Thus the decorators’ fabric lasts longer. Some of the fabrics can be dry cleaned and some of them can be washed in machines and you need to clear all these things well in advance.
You also need to take care for the weave in the chenille curtains. The damask, satin, twill or plain are the kinds of weave which are ones with the decorator fabrics. There are many of the printed cottons that are plain. The curtain is available in two basic widths and includes 2 to 45 inch and 54 to 80 inch. You need to check the fabric bolt labels and also the tag so that you can get the exact idea about the width of the curtain. There are home decorating fabrics which are with wider width as well. ?If you need full coverage then you should go with the heavy weight fabric such as the velvet, wool and lots more which can help in limiting the light. If you want to know more basic knowledge of fabrics, you can refer to this article.

Home decor accessories
exquisite peacock desk decorationWhat kinds of home decor accessories can go well with the chenille curtains with heavy fabrics? Let’s point out some recommendation. Firstly, the exquisite peacock desk decoration. The generous blue and green color, the durable resin material, the vivid appearance, the funky and noble style, all of these show that it is a good home decor that can match with the chenille curtain. If the chenille curtain in your home is fresh and plain, then this chic peacock desk decoration can add the luxury feeling and make your home look not too monotonously. Also, if the chenille curtain is in luxury style, then the funky peacock desk decoration can strengthen the visual effect greatly. After all, only a whole harmonious effect can give people a deep impression.