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How to Create a Successful Event


From boisterous club nights to quaint tea parties, hosting an event is an exciting and novel way to bring people together all in the name of fun! For most of us, the idea of setting up an event – planning, marketing, and finally executing everything on the day – feels a little too daunting to even attempt. While worrying about losing money due to low numbers is understandable, if you follow this step-by-step guide to hosting an event youll be well on your way to making new memories with new people thanks to your own organisational prowess.


Decide on Your Aims


Do you want to make money, bring different people together into one space, or simply have a stress-busting blow-out with everyone from the office? Perhaps youre promoting a book and youre looking for book sales, or maybe you want to provide for the homeless, so your measure of success will be on donated items. Whatever the reason behind your foray into event management, starting with a clear set of goals helps frame everything you do to make your gathering a success.


Think Time and Place


The next step is considering where and when things will be kicking off. Bear in mind that most people tend to arrive a good while after the stated start time of events such as dinners or end-of-year drinks. Meanwhile, venue-wise, elements to consider include disabled access, parking or public transport links, capacity and facilities like bar access or a kitchen for nibble-preparation. For those hosting a gig or DJ night, there are extra things to consider regarding the venue, such as age restrictions. This is not to mention the cost of hiring a space, so it’s vital you work to a budget and try and secure the best deal possible.


Spread the Word


Now the essentials are out of the way; its time to entice people with all the might of your marketing skills. Shout from the hilltops on social media, send out a batch email, use free templates for flyers which you can then leave in local hotspots and thoroughfares. Flyers in places like pubs, hairdressers and even council noticeboards dont go unnoticed, and often appeal to a crowd thats not very well-versed in the ways of Facebook or Twitter.


On the Day


So, the day has rolled around and youre hopping about with nervous excitement. This is where all your careful planning and marketing comes to fruition, but theres still work to do before you can relax into the event. Little touches like making your own canapes or making party favours will make you the host with the most admiring fans. Introduce people to each other, get the drink flowing, and soon youll shift from the organiser to an attendee, enjoying the fruits of your labour!

Organising an event might seem a complex task reserved for teams of experienced event management bods, but this structure lays out how creating an unforgettable and jolly event is easier than you may have thought. Go for it – youll not regret the experience.