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Is Your Suit Making You Look the Way It Should?

When it comes to suits, nothing is more important than the fit and the tailoring. You could have the best fabric in the world, but it will still not be enough to make you look good if it’s too tight or too loose. Leave the readymade suits where they are and always get your suit tailor-made. In fact, with online options like www.lanieri.com that deliver Italian tailor-made suits without you having to step out of your home, you don’t even have an excuse to not do it anymore! Before you start ordering your next suit, though, here are a list of measurement basics that you should go through.


The Sleeves

There are two basic rules when trying to figure out the perfect length for your suit’s sleeves. Firstly, the sleeves should end where the base of your thumb begins. Secondly, half an inch of the shirt sleeve should also be visible, right in-between the end of the jacket’s sleeve and the base of your thumb.

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The Shoulders

The shoulders of your suit are not supposed to stick out beyond the natural width of your own shoulders, as we see with some ill-made suits. It looks awkward and the shoulder pads should instead lie flat. Similarly, the seam of the shoulder on both sides should connect with the seam of the sleeves, exactly where your own shoulder connects to your arm. Remember this part as it is of the utmost importance and will greatly affect how you actually end up looking inside the suit. It has to be very accurate.


The Jacket Length

The first rule of deciding the length of the jacket is to make sure that its back drapes over the curvature of the buttocks, but ends before going past your knuckles. The key is to strike a balance in-between the back flaring up above your buttocks inelegantly and sagging down below it clumsily. Also, check to make sure that the length is short enough so you are unable to close your fingers around the end of the jacket while keeping your hands straight beside you.


The Closure

Even if you have the perfect flat stomach, there should be a fist-sized space in-between the jacket and your mid-section. This is important if you want to look good after buttoning it down.



The Seat

This is the section of the trouser that you neither want to get too tight or too loose. If it’s too tight on your buttocks, there will be crease lines running horizontally downwards from the seat. If it’s too loose, you will look clumsy and without shape, with a flap around the back of your thighs. Once again, the tailor will have to strike a balance in-between the two extremes.


The Break

The trouser should be long enough to touch your shoes but make sure that they are not too long, though. If the cuff looks crumpled due to being too long and pressed against the shoes, you need to adjust it by going to your tailor.
Remember that these are only the basics of customizing a tailored suit and they do not cover all types. Nevertheless, if you are looking to get a traditional suit made from an expert tailor, we recommend you memorize these basic rules, as they will never let you down.