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Tips For Becoming A Trendsetter

If you want to be someone who’s admired and always ahead of the game, then you have to put in the time and energy it takes to become a trendsetter. It’s all about letting your true self shine through and not worrying about what other people think.

If this is your goal, then you have to be willing to feel uncomfortable once in a while and be open to trying new fashions and experiences. It’s not only about how you look, but what you do and how you carry yourself. Read, study and educate yourself on the latest fashions and who’s doing or wearing what. See tips for becoming a trendsetter.  

Be knowledgeable

You aren’t going to become a trendsetter if you’re reading and experiencing what you’ve always done in the past. It’s all about staying up on the latest news, trends and happenings in the areas that interest you. Go online and research innovations and advances in topics that inspire you. Your interests may lead down routes that you hadn’t considered before, but by developing your knowledge about a niche subject, it certainly paves the way to be a trendsetter; for example, a love and appreciation of fine wines; the processes involved in their production and the very particular requirements of fine wine storage, that can only be met by professionals such as Octavian Vaults,  distinguishes you by default.  Knowledge, especially of a specialized subject, allows you to create your own buzz, and dance to your own tune.

Take Risks

You can’t be afraid to take risks if you’re going to be a trendsetter. You must be willing to try and embrace new ideas and options, and not be afraid of receiving criticism. Celebrate your creativity, and be okay with being different. You aren’t going to find your own sense of style copying others and wearing what you’ve always worn. Branch out and start incorporating texture and color into both your wardrobe and into your interior design. Know what you like, and have the confidence to showcase your personality; it may be the opposite of what’s in style right now, but do it anyway as your passion will be contagious.

Be yourself

At the end of the day, you have to be you and not cave to pressure from the outside world to conform. Make a list of what it is you like about yourself and focus on all of the positives in your life. Eventually, others will see what you see, and they’ll be interested in learning more about your thoughts and opinions. There’s no reason to change who you are to become a trendsetter; it is an organic process, so you might be the most fashionable person without even realizing it.


Embrace your unique self and be okay with being different. Extend your knowledge in fields that interest you: the history, the motivations and their future. Be prepared to take risks, but most importantly, enjoy your life: these are tips for becoming a trendsetter.