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Constantly Evolving

THE HAGUE – I grew up in a tiny town somewhere close to the German border. I can still see myself sitting on the floor of the living room flipping through fashion magazines, admiring all those beautiful models wearing the latest fashion trends and reading about the newest makeup products. I guess it was a way of escaping reality and so far away from how life was back then. It seemed like no one was interested in fashion where I grew up and I felt like I didn’t really fit in. So, as soon as I finished school I moved out of my parents’ house to explore the world. I always fantasized of living in a big city. And so, after many D-tours I ended up in The Hague, where I now have been living for about 7 years.

Everyone always automatically assumes that I’m from Amsterdam, when I tell them that I’m from The Netherlands. But there is so much more to The Netherlands, other than Amsterdam. The Hague is the third biggest city of our country, with the royal palace, the Dutch government, 150 international organizations, international courts, etc. It’s this elegant city with everything that you could possibly need just around the corner. It has many beautiful and charming little neighbourhoods, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and take a stroll, great restaurants, lots of museums, quiet parks and a beach only five minutes from where I live. In the Summer, there are so many things to do such as festivals, musical and cultural activities and of course many occassions to enjoy the Summer at the beach. I like the laid back vibe and the friendly people here.

During the day I am a trademark attorney and I initally started blogging about anti-counterfeiting. After a while the blog transformed into this personal style blog. I like to blog about what I actually wear, mixing high street with high end. 90% of the things that I buy and wear need to fit in my “does it fit my style and can I wear it many times?”- rule, and so I try to mix and match and therefore you’ll see my favorite items on my blog all the time. I stopped following the latest fashion trends as it made me feel like a fashion victim and which was also very damaging to my wallet. Nowadays, I pick out a few trends that already fit and I can incorporate in my style. It took me a few years, but I think I have finally managed to find my own personal style, although it will always be a constantly evolving process. 🙂

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