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How to Fashion Blog

How to Fashion Blog 101

1.) You can’t fashion blog without a sense of, well, fashion (duh!) but mostly a sense of self, and with that being said, a stylish intuition can’t be bought. I’ve grown up trapped in almost every fashionista’s nightmare a majority of my life. Some call it Catholic school. I call it hell.

Of course, I’m overreacting. Plaid skirts did come back, didn’t they? But I guess I dreaded the consequences of self-expression and ended up in detention one too many times for tailoring my uniform and not conforming to wasting $30 on an uncomfortable sweater with the school’s initials branded on my chest.

Had such authority not suffocated me, I wouldn’t have exploded with the style I have now.

2.) Take selfies. Yes, I’m telling you to buy into narcissism and the stigma the media markets. If you really dumb down what fashion blogging is, it’s essentially taking pictures of yourself. You don’t need a high-end camera or a photographer boyfriend. Hell, starting my blog in high school, I used my own birthday money to purchase a $100 camera that hardly even works anymore. Timer became my best friend and dozens of photo apps and Instagram filters later, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that I’ve grown a lot. As a fashion blogger, you sometimes forget how much work you’ve done in such little time since you’re so used to scrutinizing yourself over what someone else has posted on Twitter.

3.) You can’t have a blog without a name, right? Oh, and some passion too. Polydeux, meaning two people, many styles, was supposed to be my stepping-stone to penetrate through the industry as a joint blog with my best friend. (This has been attempted at twice.) With my last attempt, I learned that anyone could throw a blog onto the web, wear nothing but fur and gain followers without batting a (false) lash.

But only those with passion can turn an average blog into something worth noticing. That’s why my best friends and ex-blog partners didn’t fare well. They just dipped their toes whereas I wanted to dive in headfirst.

4.) Be confident. If there was anything I’ve gained through fashion blogging, is a certainty of myself. It’s not to say that I’m perfect and have never once hated the way my jawline isn’t as defined as hers or the fact that my skin isn’t as clear as the next filtered ABG.

Growing up in the pretentious embrace of LA, it’s hard to be a needle if you ‘think’ you’re just like the rest of the haystack. Polydeux has become a part of my identity and with a little consistency and a few handfuls of hard work I’ve not quite arrived at my destination. I mean, I don’t think I will until I die, but I’m at least on my way. If it wasn’t for my blog, I don’t think I would walk the streets of LA with the same sureness as I do now.

Believe in yourself. You can wear anything you want as long as you believe you can. Confidence is the greatest accessory any blogger or any human being could wear.

Mariel Cornel – Poly Deux

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