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Living in The Tropics

SINGAPORE – You guessed it right; it’s none other than the city where I live. Some might not know, but here in my country, we have summer all-year-long. This means no snow, no cold weather, just the glaring sun for all 365 days. But that doesn’t mean we are restricted to just shorts and sleeveless shirts, you’ll be surprised at how good people are in tolerating the heat.

Always had a passion for fashion but in terms of blogging I’m definitely a late bloomer. It all started just three years ago in Münster, Germany where I finally took the first step and started documenting my everyday outfit. Of course I continued when I was back in Singapore, but the biggest challenge faced? Finding places that are picture worthy for an outfit shot. It isn’t easy with all the high-rise buildings and constructions going on here but I learnt to embrace them.

If there’s a phrase to describe my style, I would say ‘The Pants Girl’. I’m very much into androgynous style and this actually suits my character perfectly. Nothing beats getting the perfect shot while being in the pants and blazer. Clashing prints and colours are always nice, perhaps due to the buildings being really mundane, but I do have my fair bit of monochromes too. Despite the lack of seasons, there are periods with slightly lower temperature which we call the monsoon season. This is when the sweaters can all come out to play, undoubtedly my favourite.

I’ve always stood by my belief that as long as you feel good, you will look good. Confidence is the basis of everything and it is what brings the whole look out, not the branded clothing or the branded accessories. It certainly takes some time before you figure out your own personal style. No one said it’s going to be quick; in fact I myself am still in the midst of figuring out but slowly getting it. Also, trends are fashion guidelines, not rules. Don’t be afraid to do trends that are deemed passé, being able to mix trends over time periods is what I truly admire. This is to me, the epitome of personal style.

Rachel Eng – Racheeng