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The Style Value of Men’s Shoes

The value of a great pair of men’s shoes is highly underrated. Often the last thing a man thinks about when it comes to his wardrobe is the dress shoe he will wear for work and special occasions. What is so important about shoes anyway?

Comfort is key when it comes to a pair of dress shoes. Often a man will have to spend hours walking, standing or even dancing in the shoes he chooses to go with his dress attire. This fact is often neglected during the purchasing process when looks and price are typically the most important features. Though a great looking pair of shoes is essential, they are useless if they are not comfortable as well. And saving money only goes so far if you only wear them once, decide they hurt your feet, and have to go buy another pair anyway.


Versatility is another feature to consider. Look for a shoe that will look great with a variety of looks. A simple low heel boot or shiny black dress shoe are both great examples of styles that will go the distance. Whether you are looking for wedding attire, or for something to take you to your next business meeting simple and classic styles are the smart dressed man’s best friend.

Durability is another feature that goes hand in hand with craftsmanship. The better quality the materials and stitching the longer you will be able to wear the shoes, and thus the better value they become over time. Sometimes a great pair of shoes that lasts a long time, is more cost effective than a less expensive pair that has to be replaced more often.

Purchasing men’s shoes is not really a mystery. Think about the same things you would think about when purchasing tools, or a vehicle. You want it to look good, have excellent reviews, durability and known dependability. You want to choose something that is different enough that everyone else doesn’t have the same thing, but you want something with a proven track record, that doesn’t stand out enough to make you look out of place.


High quality leather is the most popular choice of materials, though there are many synthetic products that are starting to get noticed. With so much attention on animal cruelty and a large part of the population trying to avoid any animal derived products, vegan leathers are also available. Though these materials in general are not as long lasting and durable as high quality, traditional leather. Whether you seek a flat finish, or a shinier patent look depends on how formal or informal the purpose for the shoes. Don’t be afraid to spend more money to acquire a few really good quality shoes since their comfort impacts so much more than just your feet. Good shoes can help with back pain and can help keep your posture better throughout the day. Don’t underestimate the value of a great pair of men’s shoes.


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