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Tips for Achieving Salon Quality Hair Care At Home

Achieving the same level of hair care at home as can be bought in a salon is now possible for those willing to spend the money. Even when one factors in the cost of premium-priced products, the savings compared to visiting a salon itself are considerable. Below are some top tips from fashion experts for achieving salon quality hair care at home.

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Be Willing To Pay
Salon quality hair care doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every penny and if you want, for example, shine serum that truly works or frizz cream that will do its job even in high humidity, then you need to be willing to pay for the privilege. A decent salon flat iron will set you back, but it pays for itself in the money saved having to seek out professional assistance in achieving a fizz-free finish with added softness and shine.

Find the Right Product for You
With so much misinformation on the web it can be hard to navigate your way through it all to find the products that are really worth the price. Most people either stick to a particular brand out of loyalty, despite the presence of better products on the market, or they keep trying new products without ever settling on something that truly works for them. To avoid this, do as much research as you can before committing to buying anything and decide upfront what products you need and why. Different hair types require different products and everyone has their own idea of the look they want to achieve. Once you’ve worked these out you can focus your efforts on products relevant to you and save yourself the trouble of wading through endless reviews on the internet.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair
While searching for quality products, many women go through several different products over the course of the week and end up putting unnecessary stress on their hair. Experts recommend not washing your hair more than two to three times a week. The reason for this is that hair produces its own natural oils to clean and protect itself, but shampooing strips these oils away and leads to a cycle of overproduction and the need to wash hair more often than necessary.
This is especially true for women with coloured hair. In this instance, a good quality shampoo makes all the difference. Individual differences in lifestyle and hair type can also affect how often you should wash your hair. Generally, the curlier your hair is the longer you can go between washes whereas super straight hair requires washing much more often. If you go to the gum regularly then consider rinsing your hair without shampoo after a workout; water is all you need to wash salt and sweat out of your hair.

Salon quality hair care is available to anyone willing to invest the time and money. If you’re serious about hair care then do your research. Speak to your hairdresser about what type of hair you have and what products are most suitable for your individual needs.