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Surrounded By Greens

VÄNERSBORG – I live in a small town next to the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern. Therefore, it’s kind of suitable that the town is called Vänersborg. It’s about ten kilometers from Sweden’s second largest city, Göteborg (the place where all the nice shops are, where fashion is going on and where I’m shopping most of my time). Vänersborg is beautifully situated by the water, surrounded with lots of green. However, you might easily lose your appreciation for a town where you have lived your entire life. After a while, you might not see or acknowledge all the amazing things that your town has to offer. Sometimes, I kind of forget to be grateful to live in one of the earth’s most beautiful places. Such a shame, because having a lake so close to my house, really is an enormous privilege.

Living in a smaller town like Vänersborg helps you to get down to earth. However, it also can be narrow-minded and difficult to stand out to much. Therefore, I really enjoy travelling to other countries, or even just to go to other bigger cities in Sweden to gain some inspiration. The more fashionable people and the more alternative atmosphere fascinates me in greater cities. I really love that feeling of fascination! My blog has become my way to keep inspired and I hope to inspire other people with it. It’s my way to hold on and keep evolving my interest in fashion and photography. Because I’m studying, it’s kind of hard sometimes to find enough time to spend on fashion and blogging. I found it important to have some time to exercise too, to unload feelings and frustrations.

I admit that it’s a dream to become a name that matters in the fashion and model industry one day. To be able to work as a photographer would also be great. I’m sure that it’s really important to have dreams. It makes us creative and motivates us reach for our goals. My plan for the future is to keep developing my blog, to show more of me and my great interest in fashion. I also hope to develop my skills in photography even more.

Clara Ringqvist