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Arizona Fashion Scene

ARIZONA – Many of you familiarize Arizona as being a vast desert, which is a definite fact. Even after 20 years of living here, the spiking temperatures still kill me till this day. Although, I have been calling this place my home for as long as I can remember. I was born in New York City and lived there for the first two years of my life. At the time, it was best for my family and I to move to escape the severe cold weather conditions of the city. Now living here for a majority of my life, the dry winds and constant heat has become second nature to me. Similar to the weather here, the fashion scene is pretty dry as well. There is not a huge amount of opportunity in the industry California and New York, which is one of the reasons I began my blog.

Growing up in a Haitian household where art wasn’t viewed as an admirable profession, I found that being creative came natural to me. During my pre-teen years, I would sit in my room, and sketch a variety of looks in hopes of one day becoming a fashion designer. As I grew older, I decided on getting my Nursing degree and resisted the urge of studying fashion, because I learned that it wasn’t a field that was “practical enough”. I remained in constant denial trying to convince myself that the medical field was where I belonged. Despite the fact that I was going to school to do what my parents wanted me to do, I realized what made them happy had an opposing affect on my happiness. This was the moment that I created my blog, Muse By Malu, almost as an escape from reality. Since beginning my blog back in July, I have changed my major to Arts and Design to one day become a fashion stylist.

My style can be very versatile depending on the day. Adding edge and androgyny is a favored choice of mine when dressing myself. I love the idea of a women wearing men’s clothing, because frankly, I think we look better in them than men do anyway. On the other hand, I love to add statement pieces in my looks to give them a little flare and exclusivity. A statement piece can easily turn a basic look into one that stands out of the crowd, and standing out is better than blending in any day.

Melissa Registre – Muse x Malu