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Artistic Exposure

WASHINGTON- Ah yes, the capital of America, where I was born and raised. Growing up, I was more of a tom-boy. I did not like dresses, I played a lot of sports, and had sweat-pant-kind-of-style unless I was going somewhere important. There was only one dress that I actually wore when I was little. And I wore it with Timberlands.

I found my creative side in the latter years of high school. When I applied to college, I was focused on the schools art programs. I chose to travel down to good ol’ South Carolina where I attended Clemson University. I developed a love for seersucker, vibrant colors, and anything Lily Pulitzer or JCrew. My love for fashion began to grow. As an art major I took a variety of classes: live drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. However, I could not paint, and no, I could not draw; I found that the best way for me to express my creativity was through photography.

For the second semester of Junior year I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. For four months, I took photography, fashion, and wine tasting classes (obviously). On the weekends, two of my friends and I would travel all over Europe. The two of them are probably the most fashionable girls I’ve ever met. After being abroad, their influence and my artistic exposure to European culture drastically changed my style and opened my eyes to the fashion world in an entirely different way.

After graduation, I left Clemson and headed back home to DC to start working as a photographer. Two years into the industry, I found a way to integrate my photography skills with my passion for fashion, by creating a new blog. Metropolitan Thread allows me to promote all of my favorite boutiques around the district. It gives me the opportunity to show off all of my favorite looks while exploring the city in a whole new way. So far I have loved the experience, met so many great people, and started a new chapter of my life that I hope will allow me to keep showing off all of my favorite styles!

Kendal Stopak – Metropolitan Tread

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