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Loose-Fit Trench Coats

I, particularly, love rainy days. The only problem is how can you look nice and stylish without ruining your clothes. When having to choose a pair of shoes, we die for some beautiful high-heels, but then we imagine ourselves slipping and falling to the ground, ending up wet from head to toes. Choosing faux leather boots for this weather, in order not to ruin other pairs of shoes, is totally normal. So, how can you make your outfit stylish when it rains? And staying at home is not an option…

This is the reason why trenches were an incredible invention. They keep you dry and are completely fabulous for rainy or sunny days! Nowadays, they come in any colour of the palette, and another wonderful thing about them is their new loose fit.

When we say trench, Burberry pops up in our minds. Classic, beige and resistant. Thomas Burberry created the gabardine in the 1870’s, and we definitely owe him! Even though there has been a discussion between Burberry and Aquascutum, in order to determine who really created the first trench coat, we associate it to the first one. In 1901 Thomas produced the army officer’s raincoat, this is how they became a military exclusive piece during WWI and WWII. Consequently, the name derived from their use in the trenches.

In 1917, civilians demanded it, installing it as a trend, for the first time. It is truly wearable for any kind of style, and it can be adapted to any day of the month and event. As the years go by, trench coats have been reinvented several times, adapting its shapes, fabrics, textures and colours.

Today, the loose fit trench coat is the “new thing”. It gives you formality or informality, depending on what you wear it with. Also, it can be used both in rainy or sunny days, and it is fresh and comfortable. Perfect for spring or autumn, the loose trenches are ideal for minimal outfits, or for giving a touch of colour to your total-white or total-black look. Give it a try, because adapting this trend to any season and style is what makes it a timeless and unique piece.








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