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Paving my Way Between Exoticism & Modernism

DUBAI – the land of hopes, where dreams come true! Describing Dubai as just a beautiful city is an understatement! I always seem to be running out of words when talking about this amazing city. It took me months to discover the countless facets of Dubai and it never failed to impress me. The way things evolve at a fast pace is totally breathtaking and fashion is definitely one of them! Not to omit that Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world; what more can a fashionista wish for?

Born as an island girl in Mauritius, I’ve been always acquainted with the heavenly beaches, mountains and nature. I absolutely loved it until I grew up and discovered my passion for fashion. Not that I don’t love nature anymore (It’s still my best getaway) but I felt the need for something more thrilling in my life to follow my passion. This led me to Dubai! I could not wish for somewhere more sensational! And that’s where the adventure started! I threw myself into blogging to express my passion for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. My life is now between city life, where I get busy exploring the fashion avenues and island life where I get to wear the gorgeous bikinis in the exotic setting. My life has become a balance between exoticism and modernism and I couldn’t be happier.

My fashion sense has been taking the lead since the past few years. For me, it represents a way to express myself. I believe this is what makes the beauty of fashion. Everyone interprets it in different ways. Having your own style is awesome: this is what makes you stand out from the crowd as far as playing dress up is concerned. Who said your style and fashion trends cannot be merged? I don’t know if you feel the same way but I usually feel the urge to get those trendy pieces in my closet and add a touch of my own style. This is how I look at it! Blending those trends with your style is what brings life to fashion items! Be it clothing, shoes or accessories: it’s just a matter of perfect styling!

Hun Tature – My Infinity Style