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Better To Be Different

PILSEN – Spending almost my whole life in a small town near Pilsen, I know exactly what being in the centre of attention feels like. Do not get me wrong; I am not a celebrity or any other important person. I am just a normal girl from the Czech Republic with a love for fashion. But unfortunately not many people do share this passion with me in the place where I live. To be more precisely, they do not even know what a fashion blogger is.

When look around on the streets of my town, I notice many different people. However, they oddly enough all just looks the same. Just some simple jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are following you everywhere. So, you can easily imagine what happens if you love wearing skirts, heels and fur coats. Everyone always stares at you like you are the craziest person in the whole world. So talking about me, right? But to be honest; I do not even mind. I guess it is better to be different, than to disappear in the crowd. At least it provides me a lot of fun when I hear what stories other people are making up about me.

Nevertheless, Pilsen is a much bigger city and has much more to offer when it comes to fashion. Noticing young students caring about their appearance and boutiques, which have opened recently, are really helping them to look more trendy. However, still nothing compares to our capital city, Prague. Having our own fashion weeks nowadays, we are slowly finding our place in the fashion world.

Having said that I always have been fascinated by foreign countries where fashion plays a bigger role in everyday life. So, we will see if I move somewhere closer to fashion in the future, or the fashion moves closer to me.

Lucie Srbová – Style Without Limits