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Me, Myself & Paris

PARIS – Of course, I could have chosen to stay here in The Netherlands, just like everyone else did. But deep in my heart, that was no option after all. I didn’t exactly hate my little city right outside of Amsterdam, but I still needed to get out of there. I had the urge to explore the world and I felt like developing myself after a very long and exhausting time in High School. The adventure was waiting for me outside the boarders of my country, and I decided that it was time to show the world that success is the best revenge.

And so I did. I moved to Paris to learn the French language and I took my 23.000 monthly blog visitors virtually with me during this new chapter in my life. Going after my deepest ambitions like writing, meeting loads of new people from all over the world and taking photos of everything I witnessed… My camera even went to school with me, and so did my little, black Vogue notebook. I wrote down everything I saw, everything that impressed me and everything I started to dream about.

Paris Fashion Week came up and put my brand new life upside-down. While my classmates were in school, I was running around on my high heels. I saw my role models in real life, shot streetstyle pictures right before the shows and had goose bumps during some of the shows. I went behind the scenes and even went to press presentations and lookbook shoots. It was a whirlwind, but oh-so rewarding.

Paris made me realize that going after your dreams and actually accomplishing something you’ve wanted for years, is one of the most satisfying feelings out there. And thanks to my new inspiring hometown, there are so many things I still want to discover, see and learn…

What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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