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In Love With Berlin

BERLIN – Hey I’m Konni! I’m a young fashion blogger from Germany. Actually my roots are in Russia and Kazakhstan but I lived my whole life in a city called Darmstadt, near Frankfurt.

I have to say Darmstadt is everything else than fashionable. The people even think bad of you when you look a bit different and they talk behind your back. In my opinion this behavior is ridiculous, but I have to live with that. When you see the people you think you see exactly the same people every time. There is no individuality, which is very sad.

Frankfurt is more different in that case but not that better. It’s like a “wannabe-fashion-city”. There are people with a really nice style and in some parts there are mostly rich business men with strict suits and women with expensive branded clothing, which not means that they have an inspiring style.

BUT it’s not everywhere in Germany like this! After I visited Berlin the first time I was totally in love with this gorgeous city and I still am! The people are so inspiring and there are so many people with a unique style and just fantastic looking. It’s not like Paris where the people are totally chic, it’s more relaxed and you feel free to do what you want without getting judged. The people there are so open and always kind and it’s just a city where it doesn’t get boring. In Berlin is just a place to feel comfortable no matter which type of person you are and I really love this mix!

Berlin inspired me so much and motivated me even more to be and dress how I want even when my city judges me for that!

Konni – En Vogue


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