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Underestimated Classics

PARIS – No doubts street fashion is a fascinating source of inspiration, especially in a city like Paris. This is why my admiration to it was rapidly increasing since the day I’ve started studying there.

When the time of Fashion Week comes, phenomenal paradox occurs as we are honored to observe all those eccentric outfits in the land of rather conservative yet very chic high class of French. I couldn’t help noticing that many people are showing off using gaudy or bizarre combination of clothes, mostly masking their personality.

Well, the fact is that wearing this costume gives an opportunity to stand out from the crowd or be spotted by a photographer which is what most celebrities or bloggers wish for. Unless you’re wearing something bright, uncomfortable or fluffy, you are going to be overlooked among this mass of colorful birds. Only famous face or super skinny body can help you, otherwise you have to fight for attention being original in other way.

Under no circumstances consider this content as a condemnation of one of a kind people having their own style. The idea is to consider how many of them are conscious of what they are wearing and whether they genuinely feel happy in their own skin. Is it actually their developed style or just a demonstrative cry for attention?

One would say that this is what fashion is about, being up to date and following upcoming trends. But more important is to possess an ability to select what suits you and your body, what makes you feel special. Perfect outfit should be the one you don’t think about while wearing, emphasizing favorable parts of your silhouette, making you feel confident and beautiful. It ought to be in an ideal affiliation with an owner so everybody around may feel it and compliment how perfect it suits. Society can read you easily so it’s up to you whether you plan to present yourself as a conscious fashionista or as a poseur. Won’t You feel happier if a stranger says: Wow! You look gorgeous?

I understand it’s not easy to find your own style and experimenting is a way to go. Personally I’ve been through a lot if it comes to mine. When I was a toddler my mother took a great care to make me try fine hats, jelly-glitter sandals and Marie-Antoinette kind of dresses, which I typically rejected to wear more boyish pieces.

Then came the period of being a little rebel and trying to choose clothes on my own. I couldn’t do without marbled pink jeans, mauve snakeskin shoes or printed t-shirts. These days as I see my old photos I’m like WHY?! Why did anyone let me wear this?! On the other hand it was an experience and probably I can blame it on fashion, something was popular then, and it’s totally out right now. At least I know what is not for me, I’ve learned a lesson, sure I did! Afterwards I decided to become rather colorful, happy-go-lucky girl, which was followed by the years of chic teenager style based barely on unique pieces.

In this whole fashion mess I skipped a chance to reach to casual and comfy basics. Plain tees and Converses were not the type of things You would find in my closet. Hopefully my subconscious was eager to have a romance with classics so I’ve caught up with this a lot lately. For your information, it was before “normcore” trend became so popular, perhaps beneficial influence of French culture had something to do with it. Since then white t-shirts are my best friends who can help survive every single day. It’s a hell of a challenge to buy a perfect one though but I’ll keep this story for a next time.

Classics are totally underestimated! They give You a break, let you be you, unveiled. They don’t impose particular behaviour as some decorative garments do. It’s like never trying simple baguette and butter combination. You might not like it and prefer to add some topping, maybe with camembert or raspberry jam it will taste much better. However unless you try, you will never know because it might turn out that plain bread is damn good. Same is with clothes, sometimes less is more. Of course, there is a time to celebrate too, when we wish to shine and get a boost from the outfit. So occasionally extravagant piece is a must have. Nonetheless remember that little black dress is still a way to impress in a classy way.

Whether you feel like neon clothes, brocade and feathers are your second name don’t bother getting back to basics. However if you have an impression that something is wrong with your style then why not considering a clothing detox consisting of basics? Successively, you will build up on it your unique style not losing yourself at the same time because classics will leave You as a blank sheet able to be filled with your own mood and attitude. We all deserve to clean up our mind (and closet!) starting fresh.

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